Collector Interview: Stacie M.

Posted on April 19 2016

When we asked Stacie M. to name her favorite album, she responded with some difficulty, "this is like asking someone to pick a favorite child - a question you’re not supposed to answer!" 

Stacie is a vinyl collector and music lover in Seattle, who credits her early introduction to vinyl as a child as the reason she continues to love and collect vinyl today. Stacie contacted us to make her a set of custom record divider panels for her favorite artists, Boeckner, Gibbard, Mercer... and quite possibly our favorite custom panel to date: Everyone Else.



How do you organize your collection? 
Alphabetical by last name. But I have a separate cabinet that houses the collection of my favorite artists. They get the extra special treatment - and the sweet record dividers - ha!

Top 3 albums: 
Top THREE? Of all time??? I even have a really hard time narrowing down to three from 2016 so far:

Operators / Blue Wave
Mass Gothic / Mass Gothic
Nada Surf / You Know Who You Are

But I also want to include Battleme, Ra Ra Riot, School of Seven Bells… I think it’s been such a great year for music already!

Ok, Top 3 in general (if only you could see me squirming right now):

The Shins /Oh, Inverted World / 2001
Death Cab for Cutie / Transatlanticism / 2013 reissue
Wolf Parade / Apologies to the Queen Mary / 2005
Helio Sequence / Keep Your Eyes Ahead / 2008
INXS / Listen Like Thieves / 1985
Arcade Fire / The Funeral / 2004
David Bowie / The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars / 1980 reissue
Sugar / Copper Blue / 1992
Depeche Mode / Catching Up With Depeche Mode / 1985
U2 / The Joshua Tree / 1987

Ha! See I can’t do it  :) 

Favorite music genre:  

Best party album: 
The Head and The Heart / The Head and The Heart / 2011 (mellow dinner with friends party)

Best album to listen to alone:
Helio Sequence / Keep Your Eyes Ahead / 2008
Wish I Was Here soundtrack / 2014

Last record you purchased:
Wild Nothing / Life of Pause / 2016

Hard to find album you're in search of:
Angelo Badalamenti / Music From Twin Peaks / 1990

Size of your collection:
Discogs tells me I have 659 records in my collection. Around 75 of those are 45s. (I tend to buy all the singles and different versions from my top 3 - 5 artists)

Give us a breakdown of your collection: how much is used vs how much is new?
I’d say about 70% new / 30% used

How long have you been collecting records? How did you get into it?
I collected vinyl as a kid because that’s what you listened to when I was a kid. I still have one of my first, original 45s - Blondie / The Tide is High (because I loved the ocean? ha!). I’m also sentimental and recently stumbled onto someone (on etsy) selling a case for 45s that was exactly like the one I had as a kid, so of course I had to have it.

I started collecting vinyl again a few years ago as more new releases were being pressed on vinyl.

Why vinyl?
I like the way it sounds and I enjoy playing records and listening to an album from start to finish. Plus the graphic designer in me loves the design/concept of album covers. Have a few signed prizes hanging on my walls.

Where do you hunt for vinyl? 
I am incredibly lucky to live in West Seattle close to Easy Street Records. Everyone who works there is wonderful. The owner is awesome and does a lot for our community, not to mention brings in fantastic live shows at the store. He’ll serve us free coffee and bacon as we wait in line for Record Store Day at some crazy hour. I’m usually in there several times a week.

There are plenty of other Seattle stores I could name of course. But I also love a small gem called Commercial Astoria - in Astoria, Oregon. (Goonies!) They have a boutique with clothes, jewelry etc in front, and nice record collection in back (used and new).

It’s great that we now have a Sub Pop store in the airport and I always buy something when I pass through. 

Anything extra you want to share about your collection, set up, turntable, your equipment, listening room, plans for the future, etc?
My Turntable is Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB - with the built in speed switch because for the life of me, I can’t understand wanting to manually change a belt to change speeds :) Of course, I also dream of having one of the new Technics SL-1200 turntables. And I’m intrigued by some of the vertical turntables that I’ve seen pics of… If I keep buying records, my plan for the future is going to have to include a bigger place to live!