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Collector interview: Lawrence

Posted on June 08 2015

Lawrence C. sent us a photo of his record collection, organized with his recent purchase, a set of Horizontal 6 panel Stencil Record Dividers, shown above.

Lawrence shared, “I’m looking for some old Raffi records to share with my new daughter. My set-up: Sherwood S-7800 receiver from John Varvatos’ vintage collection, Sony PS-X500 turntable from my father-in-law, and Advent speakers from an estate sale…for $10!”

Read on to learn a little more about his collection, and passion for vinyl!

Best party album: 
Lately, dinner parties have been the primary party and Dap Dippin’ with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings gets flipped more than once. 

Best album to listen to alone: 
Depends what I’m doing…BUT, Earth'sThe Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull is both pretty and vicious and a deeply meditative album for me.

Size of your collection: 
I’ve never counted, but I think it’s around 250. 

How long have you been collecting records? 
I started collecting about 5 years ago, but I grew up in a home with vinyl that I kept rather than watch my parents throw out. 

Why vinyl? 
I spent a lot of my childhood and adolescence “consuming music”. I started with the Columbia House CD and tape club, moved on to live bootleg collecting (on tape mostly), and then thought I found the pot of gold when I found mp3s. In the end I felt disconnected from the music and a passive collector. When I started purchasing vinyl I felt a level of gratification both for helping to support the musicians that I love and being able to touch, see, smell, AND hear the music. Maybe one day someone will make an edible record. 

Where do you hunt for vinyl?
I used to live in New York City and frequented Academy Records in Brooklyn and Other Records in Manhattan. Now I live in Portland, Oregon and like Everyday Music and Music Millennium. I also “hunt” online.


Photos taken by Kylie: http://www.kyliebemers.tumblr.com


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