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Collector Interview: Dan

Posted on May 11 2015

Dan K. of San Francisco shared a few photos of his 800+ albums, organized with horizontal 6 panel stencil record dividers. Dan explains, "I keep it simple and have my records alphabetized by artist/band. I did invest in a Project Debut turntable and pre-amplifier several years ago. I would suggest investing in a great system if you plan on playings lots of $1 records!"
Read on to learn a little more about Dan's collection! 
Favorite album:
Jonathan Richman, "It's Time for For", 1986. Not an easy record to find.
Party album:
Aging myself....but probably "Special Beat Service" by English Beat.  
Best album to listen to alone:
I'd say Black Sabbath "Masters of Reality" or anything by Rush. My fiancee is not crazy about my heavy metal I have to listen to it by myself!
Size of your collection:
I have about 800 records.
How long have you been collecting records? 
For about 17 years
Why vinyl?
There is some nostalgia involved. My parents had a massive record collection. Listening to records was a big part of my childhood. I used to love looking at the album covers, especially Queen's "News of the World" and Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti", which had the NYC building with the sliding insert.  I still buy cd's.... but I think that some albums just sound better on vinyl than "cleaned up" on cd. They're also much cheaper!
Where do you hunt for vinyl?
I love Amoeba Records in the Upper Haight and Red Devil Records in San Rafael. I built much of my collection from Village Music in Mill Valley, which closed about 8 yrs ago.


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