Collector Interview: Tyler

Posted on May 08 2015

Continuing our series to dig into the collections and organizational habits of our clients, Tyler M. (@impossiblegerman) of Austin, TX shared a few photos and thoughts about his collection. Tyler organizes his collection with Vertical 6 panel Stencil Record Dividers.

“I organize my records alphabetically by artist name, and also alphabetically within each artist’s discography. The dividers make it easy to jump to the letter I’m searching for and also help move the records around to relieve pressure on the one I’m pulling out.” 

Tyler has an Audio-Technica LP-20 running into a 60’s Scott amp that powers two vintage KEF bookshelf speakers.

Favorite album: 
Radiohead, Kid A, 2000

Best party album: 
Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem. Always gets people excited and talking.

Best album to listen to alone:
Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days

Size of your collection:
A little over 100

How long have you been collecting records? 
2 years

Why vinyl?
After years of listening to music on iPods and more recently Spotify on my iPhone, I found myself wanting the tangible experience of handling an album and its artwork. 

Also, I work for a record label and so many of my peers were talking about the “warmth” of that vinyl sound. I had to find out what they meant, and I have to say I can definitely hear the difference. There is a warmth and smoothness that you lose in digital playback.

I also buy vinyl because it supports the artists that I love much more than playing their songs on Spotify. I preview a lot of albums on Spotify, but if I really like them I will buy the vinyl.

Where do you hunt for vinyl? 
End of An Ear Records (Austin, TX), Waterloo Records (Austin, TX), EBay


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