Collector Interview: Alison

Posted on May 25 2015


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Alison shared, "I have my mom's Beatles albums in my collection. I love them but they don't get played as often as others. If I could only save a few albums, however, I'd save those. My player came from a thrift store and I got a pretty fancy receiver for free from a friend who was upgrading his system. I'll upgrade those eventually but I'll go to great lengths to keep my speakers working as they belonged to my grandparents.  The record dividers made it possible for me to really organize my collection. Before the dividers, I had them in a weird ABC order with all of my Black Flag, Rollins Band, White Stripes and Jack White albums separated so I could find them quickly. Now I can both find and put away every album quickly".

Favorite album: 
It's really difficult to select just one album as my favorite. I have to consider longevity and, as much as I love some more recent artists like White Stripes/Jack White, my "go to" album is Liz Phair's 1993 release, Exile in Guyville. It's a good listen for any mood. Rollins Band's 1992 release, End of Silence is a very close 2nd and Fugazi's 1989 release, Margin Walker is a close 3rd.

Best party album:
Michael Jackson's 1979 release, Off the Wall is an excellent party album. 

Best album to listen to alone:
Mazzy Star's 1993 release, So That Tonight I Might See is my favorite "alone" album. It's good bathtub listening.
Size of your collection:
I'd guess about 700 but that's only my 12" LPs. I have a big collection of 7" singles and a huge collection of 45s for my jukebox.
How long have you been collecting records?
I started buying vinyl as a kid. My first album was Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister. I bought it with my allowance money. I have steadily bought albums since then and stopped when I started moving around a bit and found myself without a record player. I finally bought a new player about 3 years ago and, after only getting some of my collection back from an ex, really began to build it back up.
Why vinyl?
Vinyl just sounds better. And records are just so beautiful. Albums are personal and CDs just aren't. Henry Rollins wrote an article for his L.A. Weekly column back in 2011 about vinyl vs. CDs. To quote Henry, 
"Technically speaking, there is no music whatsoever on a CD. Lots of information but no music." He's absolutely right. CDs are a convenient way to listen to music but vinyl is the only way to truly hear music.
Where do you hunt for vinyl?
Aside from Discogs, I will shop locally at Drastic Plastic in Omaha, Nebraska but I love buying records when I escape to Colorado from a little shop in Dillon called Affordable Music. The owner, Gary, has quite an inventory. I also like to shop for records at Electric Fetus when in I'm visiting Minneapolis.


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