Collector Interview: Rune

Posted on June 01 2015

Rune is our very first customer from Norway-- and has an extensive music collection. Here Rune shared a few favorites, as well as some cool shots of the collection, organized with Alphabetical Stencil Record Dividers and CD Dividers.

Rune writes, "The most precious part of my set up is my Michell Gyro Dec. Put on your favorite record, sit down, watch the Gyro Dec spin, and you might risk being hypnotized by the rotating bronze weights. The most valued part of my record collection would probably be Motorpsycho´s “Soothe” (in a special edition of about 70 copies released in a steel box hand welded / painted by the band). I haven’t seen any sold the last 6-8 years, so I guess most owners hold on to it whatever price is being offered".
Pictures of the Gyro Dec may be found online, for instance at this url:
Favorite album:
It is impossible to pick one favorite, it would be easier picking one album for every mood or occasion. It would also be easier to name 3 artists / bands  (Swans, Merzbow, Coil) that has made a major and long lasting impression on my musical preferences. But if you twist my arm, I probably would choose the album Streetcleaner by Godflesh (1989).

Best party album:
My experience is that trying to impose my musical preferences on your run-of-the-mill party will quickly lead to the dance floor being evacuated. But my party would have Refused “The shape of punk to come” and Satyricon “The age of Nero” on heavy rotation.

Best album to listen to alone: 
I can´t decide, so I have to list a few: Sleep - “Dopesmoker", Lustmord - "A place where the black stars hang", Coil - “Musick to play in the dark vol 2” , Sunn O))) - “White 1”, Bohren & Der Club of Gore - “Black Earth”, M J Harris and Martyn Bates - "The Murder Ballads” trilogy, Melvins - “Lysol" and finally God Machine - "One last laugh in a place of dying".

Size of your collection: 
At present, approximately 4000 albums

How long have you been collecting records? 
Since 1983. Due to storage limitations, I have sold large batches of my collection at two stages; first in the late eighties (getting rid of most of my “youthful sins") and then again in the late nineties (getting rid of all my synth / electronic albums). Looking back, I should have kept everything, even though most of the stuff is not representative of my present musical tastes. 

Why vinyl? 
For me, listening to a vinyl record is a ritual in itself. The format is kind of interactive and it demands more from me; both cleaning the album before listening and having to flip the vinyl to hear the other side. It is also a fuller experience - I am more present and fully focused on the music - music on vinyl is never listened to as background muzak. And finally - the artwork is usually also presented far better than on other formats.

Where do you hunt for vinyl? 
In Oslo, Norway: Tiger ( and Neseblod Records ( I also have visited San Francisco more or less every year since the late nineties, and will always stop by Aquarius Records ( 

Any thoughts you'd like to share about your method of record organization? 
The organization is quite boring, strictly alphabetical. But record dividers added a very elegant touch to the setup, and makes it a lot easier to “navigate”.  Previously I have experimented a bit with dividing it by genres but always end in discussions with myself on how wide or specific genres to use and whether or not to split a band over several genres (where do I put my Ulver albums: Experimental? Black metal? Electronica? Noise?). At some point I also tried organizing it by record label, but that did not work at all. 


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