Collector Interview: Sarah O'Holla of My Husband's Stupid Record Collection

Posted on July 13 2015

This interview was originally published October 14, 2014 on tumblr

Over the summer I started reading a fantastic blog– My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection. Guys, spoiler alert: She is a lady, writing about music. How unsettling! How dare she!  (Just kidding, but not all of the internet took kindly to this bold crazy move).

I felt a connection with Sarah, because in addition to being charmed by her writing, we’ve both experienced the odd atmosphere of this SERIOUS boys club that is the music-industry-audiophile-vinyl-collecting world. Sense of humor intact, Sarah isn’t going to let the boys club keep her from having feelings or writing about them– she reviews music as she experiences it, which is you know, sort of the whole point of music… experience. 

Anyway, this summer I wrote her a fan letter and after a few email exchanges, and a well-timed trip across the country, Sarah and I (and her husband, Alex) had the chance to meet in person over lunch. Now I can say we're internet friends and real-time friends. I interviewed Sarah on some of her favorite vinyl albums… her answers are below! Soon, Sarah and I will be collaborating on a little somethin’ somethin’, so you should be sure to check out her tumblr in the coming weeks!

Favorite album: 
I think my favorite album that I’ve reviewed so far was Black Sabbath “Paranoid” (1970) it was really fun to write about and an amazing album to listen to! I’m definitely going to be playing it all through October to get myself in the Halloween spirit.

Best party album:  
I remember writing that Boot’s Randolph’s album, “Yakkety Sax” (1963) would be a great album to listen to at a child’s birthday party. “I could see putting this music on at a child’s birthday party, or just if you had a lot of little babies and toddlers running around your house for some reason. I feel like they would be really into it, and the adults would be really into them being into it, and then next thing you know, grandparents would be twirling around the dining room table with a hysterically laughing one year old in their arms.”

Best album to listen to alone:  
"Barrett" by Syd Barret (1974) 

Size of your collection:  Technically my record collection is my husband Alex’s collection, but we’re married so it’s mine too. Our guess is 1500 records but who knows.

How long have you been collecting records?  
Alex has been collecting since the mid nineties when he was in high school and records were really cheap and cds were pretty expensive.

Why vinyl?  
I think my love for stories comes before my love for music. Physical records that you can hold in your hands and hear pop and crack on the stereo, that were most likely owned by someone else before they were owned by you, have a story behind them, and I love that.

Where do you hunt for vinyl? 
Our new favorite spot is sadly in the process of going out of business but still open for the rest of the year with amazing sales. It’s called 
Platter World in Garfield, New Jersey. About Sarah: Sarah O'Holla is a librarian and author of the blog, My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection – a project that she started this past February where she listens to and writes about every record in her husband Alex’s large collection. While this blog has been her first venture into the world of writing about music, she has written about various other topics over the years, including her beloved Downton Abbey, and young adult fiction.  Her writing has been featured on Slate, xoJane and Offline Magazine and she has been blogging for many years on various topics. Sarah recently moved from a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn to a house in New Jersey. Alex’s stupid record collection made the move to New Jersey too.


  • KEV: June 30, 2016

    “…when she has a free Hand and some free time” - so damned, I will have to wait for about 16 years then ;)
    Thank you for your fast reply.
    And send her some greetings out of Germany! Maybe this will anticipate the situation a little bit ;-))

  • Admin- Kate: June 29, 2016

    Hey Kev, Yes! Sarah started a family and has been busy! She’ll be back when she has a free hand and some free time!

  • Kev: June 29, 2016

    do you know why the last Review is from 10/2015…?

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