Collector Interview: SFGirlByBay Victoria Smith

Posted on July 20 2015

This interview was originally published September 1, 2014 on tumblr
Victoria Smith, lifestyle blogger and editor of sfgirlbybay recently shared a few of her vinyl finds with me in a quick interview about her collection, her favorites, and why she likes vinyl records. A few months ago we got together for an early afternoon of cocktails and vinyl, which Victoria shared over at sfgirlbybay
Favorite album: 
Roxy Music, Avalon 1982
Best party album:
Dinner Party - The Best of Stan Getz. It’s mellow, but not too mellow and great background music for dinner conversation.
Best album to listen to alone:
Joni Mitchell, Miles of Aisles (chick music)
Size of your collection:
Pretty small still - I just started collecting again when I bought a Crosley Turntable - about 30 records.
How long have you been collecting records? 
I used to have tons - in my early teens. But I just started collecting again last year.
Why vinyl?
I love the imperfect sound I get. It’s got a nostalgic, somewhat scratchy sound I really like. 
Where do you hunt for vinyl? 
I like Streetlight Records in the Castro. (Now closed) They’re really nice and very inexpensive. And I shop at the Alameda Flea Market, too.
photo credit: sfgirlbybay