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A gift for every collection | Our picks for the holidays

Posted on December 07 2016

We've put together a gift guide to help pick the right set of dividers and storage for every record collection. We've paired a few of our favorite products to help make this holiday season a little more stylish and a little more organized. For holiday gifting, all domestic orders must be placed by December 16th and all international orders must be placed by December 15th.



The perfect gift for smaller vinyl collections... we recommend a 3 panel set of engraved 3 panel A-Z dividers ($75) with a record crate ($96). Each crate holds 75-85 records, so it will be the ideal storage option for a growing collection, plus alphabetical organization is arguably the easiest, but most definitely the most popular option for categorization. 



For that collector who has a few overflowing milk crates, plus a stack of vinyl leaning against the wall, and by the turntable and maybe also has a few albums tucked away in the other room... we recommend two record crates ($96 each) to corral and protect those LPs, plus a set of 6 genre dividers ($186) to help organize it all. We'd suggest Rock, Indie, Jazz, Soul/Funk and R&B... and maybe Nostalgic panel for a High Fidelity nudge and nod?! Pick from over 90 panel options, or buy a gift certificate so the lucky collector can pick their own! 



For the lifetime collector, the audiophile in your life, or to help bring martial harmony to your shared record collection... we recommend engraved Futura A-Z record dividers ($410). This is 26 panels of alphabetical bliss to protect all those albums and simplify the search. This is what we personally use in our own collection, and the tabs are easy to read at any distance. Add any two genre panels ($70) for additional cataloging. Our favorites? Dinner Party and Cocktail Party, both will help make planning playlists a little more fun, and you'll always have a selection of pre-approved party tracks at your fingertips. 



45s are the underdogs of the vinyl world. They are a little more work, but when the digging has been good, there is nothing better. Help the 45s collector in your life preserve their collection with a solid and strong 45s crate ($76) that holds up to 250 45s and a set of engraved 3 panel A-Z dividers ($43) to keep the madness in perfect harmony.



We happen to have it on good authority that sometimes, just sometimes, vinyl collectors can be a bit particular about their organization method. We've got just the thing to cure that. Gift Certificates ($25 and up) are available in any amount, and always ship free anywhere in the US. 

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