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Alphabetical record dividers | Which set is right for you?

Posted on January 31 2020

We make engraved alphabetical record dividers for collections of all different sizes. For medium, large and really large collections, we recommend our 26 panel and 11 panel A-Z sets. 

Our beautiful, minimal and modern record dividers will simplify your search for records at home. Sleek and stylish alphabetical panels will help you find every record in your collection without unnecessary wear and tear.

If you're curious about which set is right for you, we've broken down the main differences and benefits of each set below!

26 Panel Engraved A-Z Record Dividers

This is our bestselling set of record dividers. We recommend this set for large and/or growing collections of at least 500+ records, though it is often used in collections of 5000- 10,000 records. Each panel has 1 engraved letter on the front and back of each panel, making cataloging and refiling of records easy and efficient. 

This beautiful product is an investment in your growing collection, designed to last a lifetime!

26 Panel Engraved A-Z Set
  • Clear and easy way-finding
  • 1 letter per panel
  • Ideal for collections of 500+ records
  • Shelf space requirement: 6.5 in 
Price: $419
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11 Panel Engraved A-Z Record Dividers

This space-saving set of record dividers is designed for collectors with limited shelf space, or for collectors who prefer a minimal approach to organizing their vinyl records.

As an alternative to a full 26-panel set of record dividers, this 11-panel set requires only 3 inches of shelf space, while still providing full alphabetical coverage and convenience. The first 10 panels have one engraved letter on the front, and one on the back, with the last panel organizing U-V/W-Z.

This set is available with two tab placement options. Check out our recent blog post with client feedback photos of this product in action.

11 Panel Engraved A-Z Set
  • Minimal and space-saving 
  • 2 letters per panel
  • Ideal for collections of 300+ records
  • Shelf space requirement: 2.75 in 
Price: $249
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