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Collector Interview: Meg Lewis | Darn Good

Posted on August 02 2016

Meg Lewis interview

Designer Meg Lewis recently moved to Minneapolis and started sharing a few photo peeks into her new home, which she shares with her husband and to my delight, a record collection too. While the vinyl caught my eye, the design-duo have a delightful, warm and carefully designed home. I recently caught up with Meg to learn a little more about her musical tastes, and to take a deeper look at her collection.

Of the 80-album collection, Meg explains "I started collecting records as soon as I was old enough to move into my own apartment. When I was 20, boyfriend (now my husband) and I inherited a 50s record cabinet (pictured) from his grandparents and it’s been our most treasured heirloom item. We never want to outgrow our collection outside of our record cabinet. So we plan to keep it at 100 albums forever."

Meg Lewis Interview | Koeppel Design

Current top 3 albums: 
Devo, New Traditionalists, 1981
The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds, 1966
Ventures, Golden Greats, 1967

Favorite or biggest music genre in your collection:
As a catch-all term, I’ve categorized anything from 1950-1979 as Oldies. I’ve always been a huge fan of oldies. I listened to it nonstop as a kid and am still a die hard lover of doo-wop, surf rock, and anything with a male falsetto. As soon as I got a record player I knew I wanted to start a collection of awesome oldies deep cuts and things I hadn’t heard on the radio. Today, I have the best time buying oldies records. If the cover is fun and I haven’t heard of the band, I’ll buy it!

Meg Lewis Interview | Koeppel Design

Best party album: 
Honestly, our Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House album from 1964 released by Disneyland records is a huge hit. You’d be surprised how many people want to listen to it. And it is so very chilling!

Best album to listen to alone:
Miles Davis’ Collector’s Items is by far my most played album. It’s so soft, crackly, and really puts me in the mood to relax. I like to listen to it at night or even while I’m working. It chills me out every time.

Last record you purchased:
A friend of mine bought me The Polyphonic Spree’s Yes, It’s True and I’m listening to it now!

Album you're in search of:
Haywire Mac by Harry McClintock.

Give us a breakdown of your collection: how much is used vs how much is new?
I’d say about 80% is used, 20% is new. This ratio proves consistent across my digital library too. 

 Meg Lewis Interview | Koeppel Design

Where do you hunt for vinyl? 
Here in Minneapolis, Electric Fetus is the place to go! I also have always been a huge fan of Amoeba from my time living in Los Angeles. I make sure to go back as often as I can.

How do you organize your collection? 
Thanks to our record dividers, we organize by genre. Classical, Jazz, Oldies, New Wave, Punk and New. 


Where do you listen to vinyl? 
We keep our collection as centrally located as possible. Usually that means the dining room. That way we can hear the music in the living room and kitchen. It also echoes into our offices!

Any thoughts you'd like to share about your method of record organization, how you store your collection or use your record dividers?
I’m trying to keep my collection small. It’s so easy to see $.50 records and want to buy them all. It’s hard for me to keep a small collection, but the best part of buying records is the easy ability to resell, buy and keep that cycle flowing.

 Meg Lewis Interview | Koeppel Design

Anything extra you want to share about your collection, set up, turntable, your equipment, listening room, plans for the future, etc? 
We have our turntable hooked up to a Geneva sound system and it’s beautiful and perfect.

 Meg Lewis Interview | Koeppel Design


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