Customizable Wood Record Dividers

Posted on January 28 2021

Custom record divider lettering options


Custom divider panels are a great way to design your own system of order for your collection with artist or subgenre panels specific to the catalog you're building. We offer a variety of made-to-order options to help you build a system that works for you. Our wood dividers are designed to help you find your media within and keep it organized, but also to protect the collection from unnecessary wear and tear (including dirt and oils from your fingers). 

Customizing a single record divider panel (or several) is easy through our website. Pick your lettering style, then enter the custom text, proof-read and submit! All custom products are made-to-order, and our current wait time is about 3-4 weeks once we receive your order.

In addition to record dividers, we offer a few other size formats for organizing 45s/7" records, and a Multi-Format Divider for cataloging Books, CDs, DVD, Blu Ray and other small format media. You can see all our custom options page here.

We currently offer three standard lettering styles across our full product line, and we have a variety of custom panel sizes to compliment our standard products. If you're considering adding some custom panels to your collection, or perhaps starting with custom- here's a helpful breakdown of the current lettering styles:

Stencil lettering

Stencil lettering is cut-out, with dark burn edges. This style is bold and easy to read in low light settings and from a distance. When viewed from the backside, letters are reversed. Our stencil product listings have images of both sides, so you can get a better idea of what they'll look like in your home.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Custom Stencil Record Divider
Custom Stencil Symbol/Emoji Divider
Set of 4 Custom Stencil 7"/45s or Small Media Format Dividers⠀⠀⠀

Engraved lettering

Engraved lettering is etched in the wood, and the burn color is a nutty brown. This style is classic and clean, and isn't distracting or loud. Panels are engraved on both sides, so they read the same in either direction. ⠀⠀

Custom Engraved Record Divider
Custom Engraved Symbol/Emoji Record Divider

Set of 4 Custom Engraved 7"/45s or Small Media Format Dividers
Set of 6 Custom Engraved Multi-Format Dividers (For CD, books, DVD, Blu Ray, etc)⠀⠀⠀⠀

Gold engraved lettering

Gold engraved lettering is etched in the wood, then a gold-fill is applied by hand. This style is fun and an elegant upgrade from our standard engraving. The gold we create has a subtle metallic shimmer (but it isn't glittery) and is a bit darker in color than the standard engraving. Like our engraved panels, the gold is applied on the front and back of panels, so they read the same in either direction. 

Set of 2 Custom Gold Record Dividers
Set of 4 Custom Gold Record Dividers


No returns or exchanges are permitted on custom orders, because each panel is made to order, just for you! Custom orders are designed and submitted to our production queue within 24 hours of being received. No changes, edits or order cancelations are possible after your order has been submitted to our production queue.