Genre Record Dividers and A-Z Record Dividers, the best of both

Posted on March 14 2019

Genre and A-Z Record dividers by Koeppel Design

Last fall we released our first combo set of A-Z and genre record dividers. This set includes three alphabetical panels (A–H, I–P, Q–Z), plus a choice of any two genre/experience panels. Since the release, this combination set continues to be a popular option for many of our customers, so much so, we've restocked them again.

Ideal for collections of at least 50 records, this set offers flexibility in terms of what you collect and how you want to organize it,  and will help you get your collection in beautiful, protected and functional order.  This set can be used in vertical crates and horizontal shelving, so you'll have lots of storage flexibility, no matter how you display your vinyl. 

Each alphabetical panel (A–H, I–P, Q–Z) organizes a 6–8 letter section of the alphabet to help you find the album or artist you're in the mood for. Our record dividers will take the pressure off your albums and help preserve your collection, by reducing wear on LP artwork caused by frequent flipping and handling. Give your collection the care it deserves with a product designed to last a lifetime.

Genre and A-Z Record dividers by Koeppel Design