Holiday Gift Guide, 2016

Posted on November 23 2016

This year we've put together a list of some of our favorite products designed and manufactured in the US. This year's gift guide includes gift ideas for new vinyl collectors as well as the experienced ones, plus home products to help spruce up your space and inspire you to stay home... and listen to great music. This year's guide includes gift ideas starting at $15, and includes experience-based gift ideas, furniture, books and more.  


Record Storage

Chicago-based Flipbin has designed a clever, colorful and sleek display system to store a small stack of records in rotation. All-Aluminum, powder-coated record storage for 33 and 45 rpm records. Our collection of 45s is pretty petite, so we keep a handful of 45s in the 7” mint color model. Prices start at $50- $75.

Pyramid Records
Record Store

Our favorite record shop, Pyramid Records is a tiny but mighty shop in the mission, filled with interesting finds from all over the world and the music spectrum. Currently undergoing renovations (reopening soon!), locally owned and operated Pyramid Records is worth the wait. From Italian Disco to David Bowie, shopkeeper Bobby has excellent taste and almost encyclopedia-like mind for album art. If you dig Pyramid as much as we do, Pyramid makes 100% cotton, American-made logo apparel for $20-35 available online as well as in-store. Our pick is the glow in the dark logo T-shirt.

Vinyl Me, Please
Vinyl Subscription Service

As members of this vinyl subscription service, here is our opinion: This club is excellent! The team curating the vinyl selections each month have managed to surprise and delight us consistently. For anyone on your list who might be trying to build their vinyl collection, or just needs to broaden their musical awareness, we’d recommend a VMP subscription. Give the gift of vinyl this holiday season with a Vinyl Me, Please membership. Each gift membership comes with a $25 account credit your loved one can use in the VMP Online Store.

Koeppel Design
LP Record Crate

Whether you’re anticipating new stack of albums this holiday season, or you’ve got more records than you have actual space for storage, it's time to protect your collection with a durable storage system. Are you ready to tame that precarious pile of records leaning up against the wall, or you know, that stack on the floor you keep meaning to deal with? Our modular wood crates hold 75-85 albums, and are designed to stack so your storage can grow with your collection. American-made, we recommend a stack of two LP crates, easily customizable with a 45s crate on top to hold up to 250 7” discs. Each crate is $96 each and pairs perfectly with any of our horizontal dividers or genre divider sets.

U-Turn Audio
The Orbit Turntable

Whether you're new to vinyl or looking for an upgrade, The Orbit turntable from U-Turn Audio has you covered. A wide range of customizable options are available, including finishes to match any decor. The Orbit offers high-end quality at an affordable price, is ready to play right out of the box, and is made in Boston, MA. The Orbit Turntable starts at $179.

Turntable Kitchen
Vinyl Subscription Service

Seattle-based Turntable Kitchen has cooked up yet another great music subscription: Sounds Delicious. We first fell for this concept with the original pairings box, which included recipes, a special ingredient and a new 7” each month. Now this team has sweetened their offerings with Sounds Delicious, a cover album subscription service! Who doesn’t love a good cover? Sounds Delicious is available for pre-order now (delivery estimated for December/January 2017) and is the only vinyl club that delivers full length, limited edition cover albums recorded by artists you love. Subscriptions start at $25 a month. 

Atocha Design
Atocha Design Dj Stand

This year we added the Atocha Design Record Stand to our living room to help handle our growing record collection. Not only is it beautiful, the stand is inviting and all our friends like to get involved with picking out the next album at every dinner party or gathering.  Sharing music with the people we love has been a saving grace this year when we’ve all needed to unwind. What starts with a simple cocktail invitation or small dinner party has often turned into a music party that often lasts until the early morning hours.

As a companion to the Record Stand, the ATOCHA DESIGN DJ Stand gets you into music-mixing with minimalist design and maximal style. DJ furniture takes a step forward with the exciting new version of the DJ desk, the ATOCHA DESIGN DJ Stand. The DJ Stand is available in "battle-style" or classic "non battle-style" positions for two turntables and a mixer. The shelf below allows you to conveniently store components, accessories, LPs or singles. Available in several colorways, allow 8 weeks for production.

Koeppel Design 
Gift Certificates

Something I quickly uncovered as I started this business designing for the super-specific needs of the home audiophile/record collector... you guys are tricky. Record collecting, sound quality, musical preference and organization systems are never a one-size fits all package deal in this industry. It isn't easy to shop for someone who has their own unique (and very specific) way of organizing and displaying their records. You know what is easy though? Gift certificates! We offer wood gift certificates starting at $25 and up, so you can give a gift to show you care, and the collector you love can choose something from our shop that is just right. Every wood certificate is laser-engraved and wrapped with care in a branded box. These wood gift certificates may be applied to any product in the shop. 

Home Gifts

Windy Chien
Helix Light

San Francisco artist and product designer makes these beautiful Helix Lights woven rope lights in black and white (and just introduced two new outdoor styles in navy and rose gold!). Made with natural white cotton rope, each 15’ strand can be strung up and draped in endless variations. I can imagine these hanging above our turntable, and many hours spent this winter basking in the warm light with a good soundtrack and cocktail in hand.

Simple Wood Goods
Coat Hook

A great stocking stuffer for your favorite design lover.  This simple design - a single bend - allows you to hang jackets, backpacks, shirts, pants, scarves, anything else you might want, to up 30 pounds. Available in Walnut, Oak, or Ash and comes with brass, black, or steel finish hardware. Designed & made in a two person shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

GDS Cloth Goods
Ebb Filter

Coffee and vinyl are truly a staple pairing in our household. Nothing feels more like the weekend than a hot cup of coffee, and the chance to enjoy it while listening to a full album from beginning to end. Ebb is a cloth coffee filter unlike the others–it's actually made for specialty coffee. With a focus on ethical sourcing, Ebb is produced in small batches and American-made. It's made of certified organic cotton grown in the fields of Texas, spun and woven in the Carolinas, and sewn in Oakland California in the GDS Cloth Goods studio. Ebb is available for Chemex, V60 and the most widely used Bonmac style, starting at $14.99.

Godar Furniture
The Night Tray

San Francisco modern furniture design studio is right down the street from our studio, and we couldn’t be happier with our neighbor. Godar Furniture has just released The Night Tray, a beautiful and elegant solution for all the small objects that can clutter our nightstands. The Night Tray is a place to put the contents of your pockets at the end of the day. Made from domestic hardwoods and shaped vegetable tanned leather. Available in three shapes: Square, Rectangle and Combination. Made to order in 2 weeks, starting at $195.00

The Aesthetic Union
Lewie Louise Color Theory Cards

Lewie Louise is a collaboration between Case for Making + The Aesthetic Union. Each of these letterpressed cards are based on a color theory and emotion. Left open to interpretation these cards can be given for any and all occasions. All cards are blank on the inside and are printed on medium heavy 110# post consumer paper stock. $20 for a set of 4.


My Kitchen in Rome: Recipes and Notes on Italian Cooking
By Rachel Roddy

One of my favorite food writers, Rachel Roddy released the American version of her Roman cookbook, My Kitchen in Rome: Recipes and Notes on Italian Cooking. When I received this book I promptly cleared an afternoon, made myself a negroni and read the whole book, cover to cover. It is now the cookbook I reach for most often when we’re craving comfort. The tomato sauce variations alone kept me engaged all summer long. This book is a must for anyone who has a love of authentic Roman cooking that isn’t fussy. The book is available at bookstores everywhere.

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.
By Laura Miller

We’re all going to need this cookbook in January, even if you’re not ready to admit it now. Raw. Vegan. Not Gross comes from the hilarious, smart and empowering Laura Miller (ok full disclosure, she is a friend, but I was before, and always will be a fan girl). Healthy recipes, life hacks for self care and simple nutritious meal ideas to help you feel your best. It's not a bible, but a friendly and pressure-free way to dip your toes into approachable clean eating.


Need a few more gift ideas? Here are a few of our other favorite designers and artists:

Reusable structured bags to carry food, wine and more. Made in San Francisco.

Elektra Steel
Designer and Metalworker Zai makes welded metal wall hangings and other small home goods. Custom commissions as well as a selected of ready-made goods. Available online and in select San Francisco retailers.

Handy Ma'am Goods
Fierce, quality workwear for women, from smocks to coveralls. 

Sam Lee
Beautiful handmade ceramics, available online and in select San Francisco retailers.

Zelma Rose
Modern fiber jewelry available online and in select California retailers.

Ethically sourced modern home textiles.