New product: A-Z Record Dividers

Posted on October 01 2019

A-Z Record Dividers by Koeppel Design

Today we're launching a new product that we've spent the last few months prototyping and testing with record collectors. This new record divider set is designed for collectors with limited shelf space, and/or for collectors who prefer a minimal approach to organizing their vinyl records. 

Designed for medium to large record collections organized alphabetically, our newest divider set has 11 panels and will take up less than 3 inches of shelf space, while providing clear markers in your collection to help you find, listen to and refile your records. 

This item is made-to-order. This set is designed for 10- to 12-inch vinyl records stored on shelves. When ordering, you must choose tab placement: tabs at top OR tabs at bottom. PRE-ORDER 11 PANEL A-Z RECORD DIVIDERS for $249

Space-saving alphabetical record dividers Space-saving alphabetical record dividers

This slim A-Z divider set is perfect for those who don't need an individual record divider for every letter of the alphabet. Each panel of this set organizes a 2-letter span of the alphabet. 

Each wood panel has one engraved letter on the front, and the next sequential letter of the alphabet on the back. Many collectors find that they have fewer artists in the last 6 letters of the alphabet, and need fewer dividers, so the last panel of this set organizes a 6 letter span of the alphabet, U-V/W-Z.

See additional photos and read more about the newest product in our collection here.