Now Spinning: The New LP Block

Posted on May 12 2019

The LP Block is back and better than ever. 

Our updated 'Now Spinning' vinyl display now holds a stack of records! The updated design now accommodates 1-10 records. In developing our new design, we gathered feedback from clients who've been using our products for years- from daily vinyl listeners to weekend-listeners only. Among a slew of questions, we asked clients how they use our LP Block, and got some surprising answers! 

The LP Block, Stencil, $79 

The LP Block, Engraved, $79

The new LP Block now incorporates a larger capacity for more records, while still maintaining the minimal footprint and style we're known for. Now, box sets and larger stacks of records can be safely stored and displayed in our block. The new LP Block is now designed for more than displaying only 1-3 records, though it can still be used with just a handful. Display a few of your most-played albums, or queue up your next listening session.

We're busy in production now and orders will begin shipping in June. Pre-orders will start shipping in the order they are received.