Organizing LPs by Genre

Posted on September 17 2019

organize vinyl records by genre

Depending on how you see it, this could be the easiest, most relaxed method of music organization, or the strictest and most complex. If your music taste tends to fall into a few specific types of music, organizing by genre might just be the smoothest method to finding the album you're in the mood for. From Soul to Punk and Post-Punk, all the way through the ages to Metal, Classical, Classic Rock and Jazz, we offer over 90+ genre panel options to suit your collecting tendencies. Genre Dividers are available for purchase in sets of 2, 4 and 6.

Not sure how many record divider panels you may need for your collection? We have recommendations below, but be sure to keep in mind not only how big your collection is now, but also how it might grow in the next few years. Our products are designed to last for the lifetime of your collection, so we want to help you choose the product that is right for your collection as it grows.

  • 50-100+ records 1-6 dividers
  • 100-400+ records 6-12 dividers 
  • 300- 600+ records 12-26 dividers 
  • 600-1500+ records 24-36+ dividers
  • 1500+ records... you probably know what you need!

For 7-inch records, we recommend 1 divider for every 25-75 7-inch.

Organize by: Decade (Chronologically) 

If your collection spans decades, we offer panels from 1920s- 2010s. Pick a few peak decades, or mix and match with genre dividers to make your perfect system.

Organize by: Experience, Label, Artist, Language or BPM

If your collection is organized using a few different methods, you gotta just do what is right for you! Mix and match genre panels with alphabetical, and if that is not enough, we offer custom-designed panels made to order. You pick your text and lettering style, and we'll make them for you. Custom panels are available individually. Interested in ordering 12 or more custom panels? We offer a discount on orders of 12 or more.

Organize by: Autobiographical

Possibly the trickiest, most personal method of organization immortalized in the film, High Fidelity. If this is your chosen method, please email us. Seriously, our founder Kate would really like to talk to you. 

Organize by: Alphabet

If you organize your records alphabetically, our record divider product guide is here!