Organizing Vinyl Records

Posted on September 12 2019

Frequently asked question: Why use wood record dividers?

Wood dividers are a serious upgrade from plastic or cardboard dividers. They are a stylish and beautiful investment that will organize your collection, while protecting it for decades to come.

Koeppel Design wood record dividers will protect your vinyl collection while also helping you feel calmer and happier at home!  It is a big claim, but trust us. A well-organized collection will help you spend more time enjoying your music, instead of searching for it. Our products will also help prolong the life and value of your collection in a few ways:

  • By sorting your vinyl with our wood dividers, individual albums will be handled less frequently, and help reduce unnecessary wear and tear on albums.

  • Our panels help take the pressure off stacks of vinyl by providing even pressure in each wood panel, which will help to preserve the integrity of your music.

...and one more perk: 

Hate the sound of static on your records? Plastic and metal dividers can create static electricity, wood dividers don't! 

The best way to store vinyl records

Your vinyl collection should always be stored upright, and not at an angle. Records are heavy, so avoid stacking any weight on your records, so they aren’t inadvertently damaged. Records should slide in and out of your storage easily- if they don't, it may mean your storage is too tight and could be putting too much pressure on albums. Keep your collection out of direct sunlight and away from any sources of heat, cold or moisture.