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Product Pairing: 11 A-Z Record Dividers + LP Block set

Posted on March 24 2020

 A-Z Dividers plus a matching Now Spinning LP Block.

Bundle and save 10%! Upgrade your hifi set up with a set of A-Z record dividers and a matching Now Spinning LP Block.

For a limited time, we're offering a bundled package of two essential products to help get your collection into shape! This bundle includes A-Z Dividers plus a matching Now Spinning LP Block.

The LP Block will help you show off what's spinning. Our hardwood stand will cradle and protect your vinyl playlist while helping you stay organized. Display a few of your most-played albums, or queue up your next listening session. The Now Spinning stand holds 1-10 records, or 4 gatefold albums, or 1 box set.

This space-saving set of alphabetical record dividers is designed for collectors with limited shelf space, or for collectors who prefer a minimal approach to organizing their vinyl records. As an alternative to a full 26-panel set of dividers, this set takes up less space, while still providing full alphabetical coverage and convenience. This slim set is perfect for those who don't need an individual record divider for every letter of the alphabet. Each panel of this set organizes a 2-letter span of the alphabet.

This set of engraved wood dividers will simplify the search for records, while providing a clean and minimal way-finding system. This 11-panel set will take up less than 3 inches of shelf space, while providing clear markers in your collection to help you find, listen to and refile your records. 

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