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Product pairing: A-Z + Symbol Dividers Gift Set

Posted on February 19 2020

Tame unruly record collections and encourage more vinyl listening sessions at home! This record divider gift set includes a set of A-Z dividers, plus a symbol/emoji divider of your choice.  

This set is ideal for collections of 100+ records and up. Wood record dividers will protect and organize vinyl collections. Take the pressure off albums, and reduce wear on LP artwork caused by frequent flipping and handling. Wood dividers are a superior option to plastic or metal dividers because they won't create static.

Choose one add-on panel: 🖤 Heart or 🙂 Smiley Face. Symbol/emoji record divider panels are open to interpretation, which means that you can choose your panel and decide what it means to you. Use one as a placeholder, separate your favorites or new records, or use the smiley face divider to build a playlist that makes you feel good. 

Bundle and save 8%! Upgrade your hifi set up with a set of stencil A-Z record dividers and a matching symbol/emoji divider of your choice.

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