Record Divider Styles

Posted on March 10 2022

We currently offer three standard lettering styles of wood record dividers. Each style has been selected for legibility and style. We limit our lettering styles so that we can continue to offer matching products over the years. Here's a helpful breakdown of our lettering styles:


Stencil lettering

Stencil lettering is cut-out, with dark burn edges. This style is bold and easy to read in low light settings and from a distance. When viewed from the backside, letters are reversed. Our stencil product listings have images of both sides, so you can get a better idea of what they'll look like in your home. ⠀⠀

stencil style wood record dividers

Engraved lettering

Engraved lettering is etched into the wood, and the burn color is a nutty brown. This style is classic and clean, and isn't distracting or loud. Panels are engraved on both sides, so they read the same in either direction. Engraved is our most popular style, so we have plenty of images and video of this style on product listings and across our website. 

engraved wood record dividers


Gold engraved lettering 

Gold engraved lettering is etched into the wood, then a gold-fill is applied by hand. This style is fun and an elegant upgrade from our standard engraving. The gold we create has a subtle metallic shimmer (but it isn't glittery) and is a bit darker in color than the standard engraving. Like our engraved panels, the gold is applied on the front and back of panels, so they read the same in either direction. When sunlight catches on the gold, a little magic happens! Our gold product listings have photos and video to help you imagine this style in your own home.

gold engraved record dividers