"My dividers landed this weekend. I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these things. They are absolutely worth the money and I'm so glad I have them. Ordering was an absolute dream and I highly recommend my fellow music obsessed family pick up some stuff from her shop. You'll dig it!" -Customer Tyr M. 

"LOVE love love all my Koeppel stuff, dividers, crates, so chic and smart!" - Paul Ritter |  Creative Director, Glamour Magazine 

 "...Let’s call this a proper record bag, an alternative to your fusty old satchel, which marries style and substance, with the added gravitas of being beautifully hand-crafted in San Francisco." -The Vinyl Factory

 "The physical endeavor of playing a record is part of its beauty, but no one should have to rummage through an unorganized stack of vinyl. These sleek engraved dividers will streamline the process."Details

"From the second you unpackage the beautifully designed box the dividers come in, you very quickly realise that this is a product of complete and utter beauty."  -  Hi-fi Choice

"Once you have stuffed your IKEA shelving with records, you probably won’t have a clue where anything is. The classic solution to that is a set of cheap plastic record dividers on which you can scribble the alphabet or music genres, to provide a sense of cataloging. Cheap but messy and definitely tacky. Kate Koeppel is a US-based designer who has launched a collection of restrained, high quality, laser cut wood record dividers as an alternative." - The Vinyl Factory

"For those who love records but don’t necessarily love organizing them, Kate Koeppel’s typographic dividers offer a handy, elegant solution that allows collectors to sort their wares alphabetically or by genre. The tabs are handmade from laser-cut wood, and though they aren’t cheap, they are very useful, super-durable, and go a long way to making your prized black discs look like a Serious Record Collection."  -  Pitchfork

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