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11 Horizontal A-Z Record Dividers, Engraved


This slim 11 panel A-Z divider set is perfect for those who don't need an individual record divider for every letter of the alphabet. Each panel of this set organizes a 2-letter span of the alphabet. 

This set of engraved wood dividers will simplify the search for records, while providing a clean and minimal way-finding system without unnecessary panels. This 11-panel set will take up less than 3 inches of shelf space, while providing clear divisions in your collection to help you find, listen to and refile your records. 

Each wood panel has one engraved letter on the front, and the next sequential letter of the alphabet on the back. Each of the 11 panels is engraved on the front/back as follows: A/B, C/D, E/F, G/H, I/J, K/L, M/N, O/P, Q/R, S/T, U-V/W-Z The last panel organizes a 6 letter span of the alphabet, U-Z. Many collectors find that they have fewer artists in the last 6 letters of the alphabet, and need fewer dividers. 

This space-saving set of alphabetical record dividers is designed for collectors with limited shelf space, and/or for collectors who prefer a minimal approach to organizing their vinyl records. 

This tabbed divider set will take the pressure off your albums and help preserve your collection, by reducing wear on LP artwork caused by frequent flipping and handling. Aside from being beautiful, wood dividers won't create static, which is why wood dividers are a superior option to plastic or metal dividers. Give your collection the care it deserves with a product designed to last a lifetime. 

Looking for a full A-Z record divider set? Check out our popular 26 panel A-Z set.

  • 11 laser-cut wood panels with 1.75 x 1.75 in horizontal tabs
  • Alphabet: stencil, sans serif typeface, Futura
  • Each letter is cut out (stencil)
  • High-grade European Birch, hand-finished

  • Height: 11.875 in
  • Width: 13.875 in (includes tab)
  • Panel thickness: .25 in
  • Total shelf space requirement: 3 in


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