2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on November 20 2019

Each year I like to sit down and make a list of all the businesses and designers I’ve discovered over the year, and where I plan to buy gifts for my family and friends. Last year’s guide featured female makers, and this year’s gift guide features products by some of my favorite local makers, in and around San Francisco, Oakland and the greater Bay Area. Click the designer names below to shop some beautiful objects!

Gifts $50 and under

Windy Chien, The Year of Knots Book $27.50
Artist Windy Chien spent a year learning a new knot every day, and transformed her life and practice through her commitment to making and learning, every day for one year.  For anyone contemplating a transition, or wants to learn a new skill, Windy’s book shares stories, tutorials and inspiration. Available at bookstores and online.

Heliotrope Soy Wax & Shea Butter Massage Candles $29
These Bay Area candles are two gifts in one!  These candles are also moisturizing massage oil. Made with all-natural ingredients including botanical oils and wax from soybeans, nourishing coconut oil and creamy shea butter. The hardest part will be choosing the scent you love the most. I’ve sniffed them all, Sandalwood and Bergamot, Lavender and Sage are my two current favorites. Available online and in-store.

Botnia Gentle Hydration Mask, $42
Botnia’s ingredients are locally farmed and sourced to create kind, small batch skincare that feels good, and is kind to the earth and your body. Botnia products are available online as well as select spa partners around the US.

Koeppel Design Gift Certificate, $50
Record collectors are picky, which is why we offer wood gift certificates, so they can choose our products for themselves. Gift-wrapped and ready to put under the tree. Available starting at $50.

Charles Chocolate Ultimate Bar Collection $50
Charles chocolates are the little luxury I reach for when I’m heading to a last minute dinner party, or treating a friend who needs a little extra love. Dark chocolate with savory and sweet options, you can’t go wrong with any of the chocolate bars. Each bar is a generous size to share, though you might not want to. Available individually in many local Bay Area grocery stores and corner stores, if you live outside the area you can buy them online here. My pick this year is the Ultimate Bar Collection.

Gifts $75-$200

Koeppel Design LP Block $79
Holds 1-10 records, ideal for storage and display, as well as queuing up a playlist for a party. Available in two lettering styles.

GDS Cloth Goods The Good Apron, $88
Unisex and availble in three sizes, this well-designed apron is good for the kitchen, the workshop, behind the bar or out in the garden.

MGG Studio Emba Ring $108
Made by California academic turned jeweler, The Emba ring is bold and a striking addition to a mix of rings, or worn on its own. Available in two metals and finishes. 

Melanie Abrantes Cork Wine Cooler $110
For wine drinkers and dinner party throwers, this eco-friendly and unique made-to-order cork and wood wine cooler will come in handy during warmer months.

Hannah B Quinn Colorful Dust Pan Block Set, $112
Hannah makes tidying up a little more fun with colorful dustpans and brooms to make any sweeping job more satisfying. Available in walnut with three color options.

Fire Road Planter, $185
These beautiful ceramic and wood planters will make it even easier to bring air-purifying houseplants into the home. With a nod to mid century design, the medium planter is designed for standard 1-gallon plants. 


Gifts $250 +

Koeppel Design 11 Panel A-Z Record Dividers, $249
For alphabetical organizers who like a simple approach to cataloging their collection, our newest record dividers are elegant and minimal to help keep that collection in regular use and rotation. 

Zai Divecha Framed Art $380-420
Both soothing and mesmerizing, Zai’s intricate folded paper pattern art is a special addition to the home of any art collector. Zai’s work is available with a selection of ready-made pieces as well as commissioned work.

Rough Linen Duvet $285-$410
A cosy, welcoming and healthy sleeping environment is made even better with long-lasting linen bedding by Rough Linen. All the linens come in dreamy colors to help you create an inviting sleep environment.