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Do you offer gift wrapping?
We do not gift wrap, however all of our products are gift-ready. All invoices are emailed, no printed purchase or price information is included in our packages. If you'd like us to include a special message or gift note in the package, just let us know at checkout and we'll include a handwritten note on a letterpress notecard for no additional cost. 


Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We ship all over the world with UPS and DHL. You can get an exact shipping estimate on any product prior to purchase. Add product(s) to your cart, proceed to the cart and enter your shipping address. This will allow you to preview the shipping price for each shipping method available in your area.

International shipping is crazy expensive! Can you offer a discount?
International shipping is expensive, no arguments there! Rates are set by shipping companies. If you live outside the US and are considering ordering multiple items at once, email us and let us know the products you'd like to order and we'll send you an estimate for the lowest shipping rate available. Sometimes we're able to help you get a lower rate by packaging multiple items together in a single box, rather than multiple big boxes.

How long will it take to receive my product after I have placed an order?
All orders are processed within 1-3 business days, Tuesday - Friday. If your order includes a custom product, the whole order will be held until all items are ready for shipment. Please refer to individual product pages for accurate and updated production lead times. Custom orders currently take 2-4 weeks, and any "pre-order" product will have specific production lead times on the individual product page.   For domestic orders, UPS ground shipping takes 1-5 busines days, for international orders, DHL and UPS shipping take 1-5 business days.

Once your order is ready for shipment, you will receive order tracking information and estimated delivery date by email. Please allow 12-72 hours for tracking codes to activate. For additional information, read our complete shipping policy.

Will I have to pay customs fees if I am ordering from outside the USA?
Customers outside the US may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and other fees upon the shipment's arrival in your country. These charges must be paid by the recipient. Contact your local customs office for further information. 

Can you give an estimate of the customs fee if I'm ordering from outside the USA?
We are unable to advise or estimate specific customs fees, as customs policies vary from country to country. For additional information, read our complete shipping policy.

I live outside the US, can you please mark this as a gift on the customs form so I don't have to pay customs?
No. We are required to follow the law without exceptions.


What is your return policy?
We are unable to offer returns on any product more than 14 days after your receive your order. Please be sure to read all product measurements carefully prior to purchase, to ensure that our product is the right size for your needs. Sale items and custom orders are not eligible for return or exchange. Please refer to our returns and exchanges policy for a full explanation of our very detailed return policy.

I received my order, but I want to exchange it for a different product, can you help?
Yes! on standard products, exchanges may be made within 14 days of receiving your order. All claims must be authorized by us by email prior to exchange. To be eligible for an exchange, your item must be unused and in the original packaging. Any customized, used or altered merchandise will not be accepted. You may receive a store credit once the item has been returned in its original condition. Please refer to our returns and exchanges policy for additional information regarding our exchange policy.


Why use wood record dividers?
We believe a well-organized collection will be a frequently-used one, so with our dividers, you'll spend more time enjoying your collection rather than searching through it. Aside from being beautiful, wood dividers won't create static, which is why wood dividers are a superior option to plastic or metal dividers. Our vinyl organizing products will also help prolong the life and value of your vinyl collection in two ways: 1. By sorting your vinyl with our wood panels, individual pieces will be handled less frequently which will help reduce wear and tear on album art. Instead of thumbing through your collection, you can go directly to the section you need. 2. Our panels help take the pressure off stacks of vinyl by providing even pressure in each wood panel, which will help to preserve the integrity and sound quality of your vinyl. 

How much space does each divider take up?
Each divider is about the same thickness of one gatefold album [1/4 of an inch ~ 6mm]. 6 panel sets will take the space of about 6 gatefolds, and so on. 

What kind of wood is used to make these products?
All our wood products are made from an untreated and unsealed high-grade European Birch multi-ply wood, which is carefully sourced and inspected for quality and consistency. This isn't low-grade Baltic birch with a high glue content and low quality fill, commonly found at lumberyards and home improvement stores. We do not use medium-density fibreboard (MDF) engineered wood in any of our products.

Why is there a price difference between stenciled and engraved record dividers?
Engraved sets are etched on both sides of every panel and take nearly twice the amount of time on the laser bed and in post-production, which makes them more costly to produce.

Why are these products so damn expensive?
The short answer: Every panel is designed, handcrafted and packaged by hand, by a small team of skilled workers in San Francisco, California. We pay above minimum wage to our team because we believe handcrafting skills are valuable, but too often undervalued.

The long answer: Our products are a labor of love, and we take great pride in creating a useful and durable handcrafted product. We work hard to produce products that are useful, well-made and designed to last. Our business operates on the principal that every element of our production should be responsible considered and carefully sourced, so that we can create a durable and high quality product for our customers, which we are very proud of. We practice environmentally safe production practices, support our workers and work within our local community whenever possible. We primarily work with California-based suppliers and other small businesses to produce this collection. When local isn't an option, we work with US-owned and operated small businesses. Working with local and/or small US businesses allows us to have complete control over every element of our products, and it helps support our community of local businesses and fellow makers. 

How are these products made?
Panels are laser-cut and engraved by highly accurate laser cutting machines. Every other part of the pre-production and post-production process is done completely by hand. Every product we produce goes through multiple rounds of inspection to ensure we're delivering the strongest, cleanest and most useful product we can. All of our wood products are hand-sanded to ensure a clean, smooth finish.

Will my order look exactly like the photographs?
The design will be exactly as pictured, however you should expect slight variations in wood color, burn, and grain. All of the wood is hand-selected for quality, however natural (and cool) variations may occur. Each piece of wood may have small unique visual differences. Depending on the sap content of the wood, there may be very slight variations in the burn color, and overall wood color may vary slightly, depending on the season the wood was harvested.



Can I buy replacement panels?
Yes, if you've had an accident, or damaged a panel (perhaps caused by a teething puppy...true story) we can send you replacement panels - A-Z panel replacements are around $10 per letter, depending on the style. Just send us an email!

How should I use dividers with my vinyl collection? 
No matter how you store your vinyl (vertically like music at a record shop, or horizontally like books on a bookshelf) your collection should be store upright, and not at an angle. Wood dividers should be stored vertically between albums to help maintain even pressure across the surface of each album. The wood dividers will help reduce the pressure on your collection when stored correctly.

How should I care for my dividers?
Treat your panels the same way you treat your vinyl. The wood panels are very durable, however they should be handled with clean hands, as dirt or oil may discolor the wood. Panels may be wiped clean of dust with a soft cloth, and should be stored in a dry, moderate-temperature environment, just like your record collection. Vinyl and your dividers should be stored away from harsh lighting or direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures or abrupt changes in humidity may cause the wood to warp slightly; this is temporary. To remedy any warping, simply stack all your wood panels on top of one another, and weigh down with a stack of books or other weight on top. Wood should return to a flat state within an hour or so.

How should I care for my record tote?
If you need to wash your tote, remove the wood base before washing. We recommend washing in cool water on the gentle cycle (or by hand) to preserve the color. We do not recommend high heat or tumble-dry.


Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes! We offer laser-cut wood gift certificates in any amount from $25–$410. The wood certificate is made from the same wood as all of our products, so the recipient will know exactly what our products look and feel like. Gift certificates are valid only in our online shop and do not expire.

I have more than one gift certificate to use, and I can't seem to use more than one at checkout!
Our system currently does not allow more than one discount code or certificate to be used at checkout; however, we're happy to assist you! To use more than one gift certificate code at checkout, email us to set up a custom invoice, and we'll make sure to include all gift certificate codes in your order.


When are individual custom record dividers available for purchase?
We offer customizable record divider panels for purchase. Check our custom product collection for availability. Average production lead time on custom products is 2-4 weeks. During busy production periods, we put a hold on all custom panel orders.

Can you make a set with tabs in a different place or the letters reversed?
Yes! To speed up the process, send us an email with the exact product name you want, with an explanation of how you'd like to customize the set (ex: tabs on top, etc). Quick customizations like this cost an additional $10-25 depending on the number of panels and take 2-4 weeks to produce after payment is received. 

Can I request a custom sizes or different shape of wood panel? 
We're happy to work with you to make the custom wood panel set of your dreams. Custom sets are available year round, however during busy production periods the wait time may be longer than normal. We make custom sets for CD, DVD, and 10-inch record collections, record cabinets, media storage and more. Just ask!  If you have a piece of furniture that you'd like us to make custom dividers for, we can do that, too! If you are an Atocha Design customer, please let us know, as we work directly with Atocha Design on many of our custom projects.

If you'd like a price estimate for a custom set of dividers, please email us here. In order to provide you with an accurate price estimate, please include the following information in your email:

  • Type of media you want custom dividers for (LPs, 45s, CDs, etc)
  • the number of panels you'd like to order
  • the dimensions of your custom panel (if different from our standard sizes)
  • Lettering style (Engraved or Stencil) + tab size (square or long)
  • Anything else you'd like us to include on the panels! ( ex: your logo or different language)

    How long will it take to produce my custom order?
    Depending on the quantity ordered and our production queue, production time on custom orders is typically 2–4 weeks. During particularly busy periods (like the holidays), we may suspend custom ordering. We'll be able to give an accurate estimate of production times at ordering. 

    I own a record store/record label, can you make custom logo panels or a custom set of genre panels for my shop?
    We love working with labels and record shops interested in ordering larger quantities of custom panels. Custom design rates and file setup fees apply. We offer retailer discounts for larger orders. Contact us to start the conversation!


    Who designs and produces this collection?
    This collection is made locally by a small team of craftswomen in San Francisco, California. All of our products, packaging, and boxes are designed and manufactured by Koeppel Design in California. A few of our products are manufactured by small and/or local partners, always in the USA. 

    What is laser cutting?
    Laser cutting machines use a high-powered laser beam to cut and engrave a variety of materials. The laser is extremely precise, making clean cuts and/or etching by vaporizing material in its pathway. These machines are guided by computer-generated designs, which set the parameters for laser cutting. The process, although beautiful and very precise, can be time consuming depending on the complexity of the design and the material.


    Can I write about your design and/or products?
    Sure! Download the press kit for high-res photos and our current catalog. Send any additional questions to


    Is the collection available for wholesale?
    A selection of our products are available for wholesale. If you are a store owner or buyer interested in carrying the collection, please use our wholesale inquiry form to introduce yourself! We carefully select our retail partners, giving preference to brick and mortar shops.

    Is the collection available for wholesale outside the USA?
    A limited selection of our products are available for wholesale internationally. If you are a store owner or buyer interested in carrying the collection, please use our wholesale inquiry form to introduce yourself! We carefully select our retail partners, giving preference to brick and mortar shops over online-only stores.


    Updated February 11, 2019


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