Wood A-Z, genre and decade dividers for vinyl record storage by Koeppel Design

We make record hoarding look damn good.

We make record hoarding look damn good.

We make record hoarding look damn good.

Now Spinning record storage displays by Koeppel Design

Essential tools for vinyl record collectors

Essential tools for vinyl record collectors

Made-to-order wood record dividers and record storage stands to organize, display and protect vinyl records.

The albums you collect tell your story.

A record collection without personal context is just stuff- your personal history with it is what makes it valuable.

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We practice responsible production methods to produce beautiful objects that are durable, useful, and damn stylish. 

Our process

Custom solutions to organize every kind of media collection

Custom wood record dividers, made-to-order in 3-5 weeks. Choose the panel size and lettering style (engraved, gold or stencil) and customize with your own text to create the perfect set of dividers for your media collection.

customizable wood record dividers

12-inch Dividers
Three lettering styles

Book, CD, DVD, 7-inch Dividers
Two lettering styles

Custom sizes, logos and more

Here's what the critics have to say:

Though deceptively simple in design, the dividers are beautifully made, and as attractive as they are sturdy—built to stand the test of time.” - The Absolute Sound

"So gorgeous, keeping everything in order will be a breeze." -Pitchfork

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Essential record collector accessories include wood record dividers by Koeppel Design

Koeppel Design is woman-owned and operated in San Francisco, California. We make essential tools for vinyl record collectors.