A better vinyl-carrying bag

Posted on March 27 2019

This week we're preparing for a restock of our black Record Totes. The initial idea for our totes was sparked through a desire to find a purpose for the scrap wood left after record divider production. The wood scraps were small, but I wanted to find a use for them to reduce our scraps with as little waste as possible. 

As a record collector I thought, why can't we make a tote bag for records that is strong, useful and good-looking?

Geana of GDS Cloth Goods

The Record Tote is a collaboration between Koeppel Design and Oakland-based GDS Cloth Goods. Together we designed a beautiful tote bag with a pocketed wood base in the bottom of the bag, to keep records safe and protected.Crafted by highly skilled sewers, our totes are reinforced with strong French seams- so you know that this bag won't unravel or fall apart with use. 

Geana, the force behind GDS Cloth Goods is a master when it comes to thoughtful design. At the end of production, her scrap pile is really minimal- she uses material carefully and it shows in her work!

The Record Tote is available with three strap options: classic black, kelp green and electric blue.