Big change is coming to Koeppel Design...

Posted on January 03 2024

Kate here, the founder of Koeppel Design. I am writing to share some big news!  While the studio remains closed on holiday break until January 16th... 

Update #1:

We’re saying goodbye to San Francisco! While this isn't new news at this point, since I moved my family and office in September, the studio will be closed 1/25 - 2/16 so we can officially move the studio and all products, packaging and inventory to Seattle. Our studio and shipping will be paused while we get the new studio set up here. 

Update #2 (the big one)

I'm discontinuing all wood divider products. Yes, all of them. 

All wood divider styles (genre, alphabetical, etc) and all sizes (big and small) will be discontinued as they sell out. All available inventory is currently on the website, once it is gone, it is gone for good.

I am exploring joy and want to learn new things. That's it! That's the reason! While this is exciting news for me, I've learned that this change might be harder for some of you.

Now Spinning LP Blocks, Placeholders, Catalog Cards and related products will continue, don't stress! I'm just saying goodbye to the products that while popular, bring me less joy.

I hope 2024 brings you all more joy, new ways of learning, and more music! Thanks for being part of the last 10 years of Koeppel Design.