Catalog Cards for vinyl records

Posted on August 26 2022

vinyl record catalog cards for archive

Coming this fall! Our new catalog cards are designed to help you document your music library, for your future self or the next generation of record collectors in your family. To bridge the gap between essential album metadata and personal memories connected to our collections, we worked with a professional archivist to develop our printed catalog cards. Use these cards to take notes on sound quality, release details, memories and other useful information. Each notepad of 50 cards includes an archival ink pen. 
Designed in collaboration with Archivist Amanda McCabe.

To Use: For each album you love, fill out as much or as little information as you'd like to include in your personal library, then store album and card together. Place Catalog Card inside clear outer sleeve for easy viewing, or tuck inside album jacket for safekeeping.

Record collecting is emotional. The why and how we collect is just as interesting as what we have in our collections. Document your music catalog in way that honors your experience and relationship to the music you love.

Catalog Cards are designed to be used alone, or in tandem with digital databases like Discogs, etc. While a digital database is useful, it isn’t always accessible to the people you may share your collection with, and doesn’t allow for easy documentation of personal memory. Our archival-quality Catalog Cards are personal, immediate and engaging for a deeper enjoyment of your full music experience.