Collector Interview: Cole W.

Posted on February 25 2019

Our next collection interview comes from Cole,  a photographer based in Seattle. You can see some of Cole's work and collection on Instagram at @whitpixphoto. Cole has a 6 panel set of A-Z record dividers and an engraved LP Block

"I've recently been trading some of my older records in for albums that have made more of an impact on me personally or ones I really enjoy all the way through rather than some new band I like at the time."


Size of your collection:
Around 350 records

What album/artist are you listening to right now?
Between Kasey Musgraves 'Golden Hour' & Turnstile 'Time & Space'

How long have you been collecting records?
Let's see I guess I've been collecting records for about 6 years now. I got into it from my father who is also a vinyl collector and where my love of music comes from. He built my record shelves.

Favorite or biggest music genre in your collection:
This is a tough question. I try to have a variety in my collection but if I had to say my biggest music genre is probably in the punk/hardcore mix.

Last record you purchased:
Idles 'Joy as an Act of Resistance'

Where do you hunt for vinyl?
Sonic Boom is probably my favorite and go to spot for music in Seattle. It's also the closest one to where I live. I always love their selection. Another great spot is Easy Street Records in West Seattle.

All photos by Cole Whitworth