Collector Interview: Desuana D.

Posted on April 29 2019

photo by Audrey Gallagher

Photo credit: Audrey Gallagher

This week's collector interview is with Desuana D., who says it best in her own words, "I'm a record collector based in Philly. To be more specific, I'm from West Philadelphia, born and raised". Desuana organizes her 400 records with engraved A-Z and genre dividers, plus an LP Block.

I don't think I would be able to fully describe how listening to records makes me feel. For me, it's more of an emotional experience, it relaxes me and puts me at ease. When I'm able to put on a record after a long day at work, and settle in, it's something that just heals my soul.

Size of your collection:
I have about 400 records at the moment

How do you organize your collection?
I organize my collection alphabetically, based on the artist's first name.

What album/artist are you listening to right now?
I've been listening to Megan Thee Stallion's mixtape Tina Snow. Though not on vinyl, she's someone that should be on everyone's radar.

Photo credit: Audrey Gallagher

How long have you been collecting records?  
I've been collecting records for about over 5 years now. I originally started collecting records before I even owned a turntable, just because I knew I wanted to own the physical copies of the albums I loved the most. One of my best friends from High School gave me with my first record, it was a copy of Queen's 'News of the World. Then after a couple months of casually collecting, I was gifted my first turntable, and the rest was history. I was finally able to play all the albums I had been sitting on those past few months.

Favorite or biggest music genre in your collection:
The biggest genre I have in my collection at the moment has to be Hip-Hop and R&B. Currently, I'm really focused on getting my hands on a lot of records from the 90's and early 2000's. There were so many gems that were created during that time that are hard to find, and probably will never be pressed again.

Best album to listen to when you’ve had a rough week:
The last time I had a really rough week I popped on Paramore's After Laughter, that record instantly puts me in a better mood.

Last record you purchased:
Robyn's 'Body Talk'

What is your beverage of choice when listening to records?
I'm most likely to grab a beer when listening to a record rather than make a cocktail.

Where do you hunt for vinyl?
I usually nab records from Repo Records. It's located on South Street in Philly, everyone that works there is super friendly, and it's my go to spot.

Photo credit: Audrey Gallagher
Photo credit: Audrey Gallagher