Collector Interview: Shane C.

Posted on April 24 2017

We first got a peak into Shane's collection on Instagram. Shane lives in Perth, Western Australia, and has been collecting records for 10 years. With over 1500 LPs in one apartment, his storage solution takes a few forms. Shane explains, "I currently use a record stand, Ikea Kallax shelfing unit and have many crates with each LP stored in a plastic sleeve".

With great music taste and a love for Soul music, you can read on if you'd like to look into Shane’s collection!

Size of your collection:
Around 1500 LP’S and 300 7”s

Current top 3 albums:
Jeff Buckley – Grace (1994) (His voice, the lyrics, the atmosphere around the album…something really special)

The Libertines – Up The Bracket (2002) Barat & Doherty taking on the world, showing that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Songs: Ohia - The Magnolia Electric Co (2003) Incredible album. If you like your music played at full volume, this is your album.

Favorite or biggest music genre in your collection:

Best party album:
House Party: 2 Many Dj’s – As Heard on Radio Soulwax pt2
Dinner Party: David Bowie – Hunky Dory
Best album to listen to alone:
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On – A landmark in Soul music, the lyrical content is utterly heartbreaking and inspiring.

Last record you purchased:
LP = James Mason ‎– Rhythm Of Life (Original copy)
45 = John Fitch & Associates ‎– Romantic Attitude / Stoned Out Of It (Killer track, check it out!)
Album you're in search of:
I want to get my hands on an Original copy of Timeless Legend ‎– Synchronized, that’s the goal for this year.

Give us a breakdown of your collection:
I’d say 90% of my collection is used, I try hunting down originals but when I can’t I’ll grab a repressed issue.

How long have you been collecting records? How did you get into it?
I’ve been seriously collecting now for around 10 years, I inherited a Beatles collection from a family friend and haven’t looked back since.

I always have memories of my Mum playing records when I was younger, but didn't really pay much attention as I was to young but now she's always asking me to put her favorite records on.

Where do you hunt for vinyl?
The boys at Mills Records in Fremantle always take good care of me. Other places I head to when I get a chance are Highgate Continental, Safari Records and Junction Records.

I try head overseas every year for a dig and a holiday, did a fair bit in America last year. This year I’m sorting a trip to Japan.
How do you organize your collection? Where do you listen to vinyl?
I tend to arrange buy genre then have the artist first name in alphabetical order, I’m currently all set up in my living room whilst waiting to move to a new apartment.
Anything extra you want to share about your collection, set up, turntable, your equipment, listening room, plans for the future, etc?
I’m currently using a Thorens TD295 turntable with a Ortofon Bronze cartridge, Yamaha A-501 Amp, Project Tube Box Pre-Amp, Bower & Wilkins 684’s flooring standing speakers.
Picking up my new speakers in a few weeks, I’ve gone with Martin Logan ESL Flooring Standing.

[Note: Shane uses our custom genre dividers and standard genre dividers to stay organized] 

Follow Shane on Instagram: @my__record__collection

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