Collector Interview: Taya K.

Posted on September 03 2019

I'm Taya! By day I'm a full time school social worker, who loves to come home to dig in my collection after work. I'm a native of Newark, NJ and I've been a record collector for about 8 years. My collection is the soundtrack to my soul. Social media handle @Tayshouseofvinyl.

Taya's organizes her collection with a set of genre dividers. Taya shares, "The credit for the record shelving all goes to my mother. Pretty sure she got tired of hearing me talk about how I was going to organize my collection and she got it for me. I had to ask her, LOL :) She found it on Ebay via seller: mega*deal*stores* (Vinyl LP Storage Record Cabinet Vintage Wood)".

Size of your collection:
1,165 and counting.

How do you organize your collection?
My big project this summer was organizing my collection. I landed on organizing by genre and decade.

What album/artist are you listening to right now?
A jersey artist by the name of ByHaze. I've been jamming to his single "Magnetic" all summer long.

How does listening to records make you feel?
Listening to records helps me stay connected and grounded to my soul. I always say my collection is the soundtrack to my soul and the definition of my two step. I can come home any day and find a record to match my mood. There is something about having physical records that is special. It's a complete package from the cover to the grooves on the records.

How long have you been collecting records?
8 years, brought my first record in a thrift store in Jersey. It was Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" being sold for $19. I could not leave it there. Funny enough I had no record player at the time.


Favorite or biggest music genre (or favorite artist) in your collection:
I was born and raised in Newark, NJ. One of the biggest homes of House Music. I have more House Music (disco too) in my collection more than anything. Anybody that knows me house music is my thing. Having house music records in my collection instantly turns my learning into a dance floor.

Best album to listen to when you’ve had a rough week:
"Life is A Dance" by Chaka Khan. Most days I love to come home after to work and dance. I put my records on and two step across my living room floor.

Last record you purchased:
"Uptown Saturday Night" by Camp Lo

Where do you hunt for vinyl?
Iris Records Jersey City, NJ
Dusty Groove Chicago, IL

Photos by @arainey88