Do Not Sell At Any Price! Rare Records Need Catalog Cards

Posted on May 05 2024

Rare records need Catalog Cards

Brightblack Morning Light's 2006 album of the same name is absolutely one of the most important records in my collection. Is it the most valuable? No- but it is the one I treasure the most. This weekend I found a moment to fill out a Catalog Card for this record, and it made me wonder, what is your never-sell record?

According to Discogs, it is a pretty desirable record- with no reissues and a median asking price of over $125. This record is important to me not just because of how good it is, and trust me- it is beautiful. The dreamlike rock has a sleepy psychedelic quality, which made it our weekend morning album for years.
rare vinyl records need catalog cards
Here's how I remember it: A sunny weekend morning, a good cup of coffee and a slow start to our day. Waking up to the song Everybody Daylight was always the right way to set a calm tone for our day. Lately, our mornings are filled with toddler requests, sometimes Raffi and The Beatles, but I treasure those quieter, slower pre-toddler morning memories and I know they'll be back some day.
All of this is why I will never sell this record. I sat down and filled out a Catalog Card for it this past weekend, to ensure that I won't forget the period of my life that included slow wake ups- and as a note to my daughter so that she is older, she'll know this little story about her parents.
When I find a few quiet moments I fill out a few cards and tuck one into each outer sleeve. I do this not just for myself, but for my daughter. I want her to know why we loved certain records, and why we hauled them from Seattle to San Francisco, then back to Seattle again nearly 15 years later. 
What is your never-sell album? I'd love to hear about it! Who do you want to know your stories and share your memories with?