Essential Tools for Vinyl Record Collectors

Posted on April 25 2023

Vinyl record catalog card notepads
Much like investing in a higher quality inner and outer sleeve for your important records, Catalog Card Notepads are a helpful tool in maintaining and cataloging your full collection.
A collection without personal context is just stuff- your personal history with it is what makes it valuable. 
Designed to work in tandem with digital databases, our Catalog Card Notepads offer the opportunity to add listening notes, memories and album metadata in one accessible, visual, archival-quality card.

We asked you! Your methods for cataloging are here!

There are quite a few ways to approach the task of cataloging your collection. I surveyed 100 recent Catalog Card buyers on their methods. Here are a few:
"I fill out a card with each new acquisition- just starting fresh, and will work my way backwards."
"I started with my rarest, valuable records first."
"My husband and I are filling out cards for our kids. All the records we love as a family, or albums that are important to us."
"I listen to the record, hold the record, then decide in the moment if it is worth filling out a card or letting go of completely."
"Starting with A, working my way slowly to Z. It was daunting to start, but I have made it to the D section in a couple weeks of good listening sessions!" 
"If it already has an outer sleeve, I listen to it, and fill out a card. No sleeve, no card, at least for now."
"It makes me feel emotional to do it, but I wish my parents had written these cards, I would have loved that. I am filling them out for my kids when they are grown."