Gift Guide: Meaningful, useful gifts for music lovers

Posted on November 21 2022

Our top picks for the best holiday gifts. All holiday orders must be placed by 12/15 for holiday delivery- and yes, we ship worldwide!
Vinyl Record Catalog Cards
Give the gift of memories! Our Catalog Cards are a wonderful way to share music traditions, stories and experiences with meaningful albums in your life. 
Each pack of 50 Catalog Cards and ink pen is gift-ready. To use, store one annotated Catalog Card with each of your favorite records to keep your memories and collection accessible and well-preserved.
best wood record dividers
Our smartest set of record dividers!This space-saving set of alphabetical record dividers is designed for collectors with limited shelf space, and/or for collectors who prefer a minimal approach to organizing their vinyl records. 

Provides a minimal way-finding system without unnecessary panels. This 11-panel set will take up less than 3 inches of shelf space!
wood record dividers gift guide
The gold standard in record storage, our beautiful, minimal and modern 26-panel A-Z wood record dividers will simplify your search for records at home.
For large record collections organized alphabetically, there is no better product to protect and display your albums than our engraved wood record dividers. 
vinyl record carrying bag
The best damn record tote!
This tough record bag is handcrafted, dependable, good looking, and strong as hell. Designed to hold 15+ albums, this structured Cone Denim tote bag a wood base to distribute weight evenly and protect your vinyl records.
Holds daytrip essentials, or laptop and office essentials- this bag doubles as a 4-bottle wine bag too. 
gold wood record dividers
For new collectors, give the gift of a good habit! 
A versatile set of A-Z dividers for small and growing collections, this golden set of 4 dividers can be used on shelves or in crates, and will help any new collector display their collection with love and care. 
When sunlight or candlelight catches on the gold, a little magic happens!
vinyl record storage
Better than a bookend!
Create book and record storage wherever it is needed! Great for small spaces, open shelving or tabletop display.

Beautifully functional, Display Ends support a heavy stack of records on a shelf and can show off a favorite cookbook or a few of your newest records in rotation. Black powder-coated steel Display Ends with cork bases are sold individually.
vinyl record christmas ornaments
A sweet stocking stuffer...
For the collector in your life... mini Now Spinning Record Divider Holiday ornaments! Each set of two ornaments comes with one 2022 album and Now Spinning Divider, plus a Black LP and Now Spinning Divider. Each two-part ornament is a little labor of love, with hand-applied gold and black finishes.