Maternity leave- good design is worth the wait!

Posted on March 10 2021


Hi everyone! Kate here, with a quick update about some changes coming to the studio and some personal news!

My partner and I are expecting a new little human in our family, any day now. We are so incredibly excited! As I begin my maternity leave, I have a few notes and thoughts to share.⠀

There isn't a simple roadmap or easy way to plan maternity leave as a solo business owner, so there has been a ton of learning, some scrambling and figuring things out. I wear a lot of different hats in my business! As someone who hates uncertainty and loves a well-constructed and organized plan... this new process has been a challenge. I am incredibly appreciative of all the other lady-run businesses who have shared their experience, tips and advice on this wild time.

During this time, our order processing, and email response times will be slower as we transition to a new workflow in the studio. Please keep in mind our team is tiny, but we'll be doing our best to keep up and provide great service and exceptional products! Good design is worth the wait, so thank you for being patient with us. ⠀⠀⠀⠀


Studio Updates

Custom Orders

Custom ordering is temporarily unavailable. During this time we will not be accepting custom orders as we adjust to a new studio workflow. You can sign up for an email alert when custom ordering reopens on any custom product page.

Order Processing Times
While I am away on maternity leave for a few weeks, our studio will temporarily be operating on a slower schedule. All orders will be processed for shipment within 1- 2 weeks of your order date. While your order may ship much faster than this, please keep this processing timeline in mind as our team is adopting a new workflow in the studio. 

As soon as your order is processed and packaged, you will receive an email with tracking.