Music in the time of COVID-19

Posted on May 13 2020

In the last few weeks, I've been thinking about ways that we can support each other as we start to look ahead to being on the other side of COVID. I have been so inspired by the resilience I am seeing in the music and vinyl community! I reached out to some of my favorite small businesses, music makers, stores and vinyl-adjacent friends to ask them about the projects they're all working on while we shelter in place, and what they've planned in the weeks/months ahead.

Keep reading to see some great music projects to support and enjoy, in the Bay Area and beyond!

Originals Vinyl, San Francisco + @originalsvinyl

Brothers Matthew and Dominic have been busy keeping their Discogs store full of great finds over the last few weeks, along with fulfilling phone and email orders for local pick up. If you're local to the area, you can call to set up a private shopping appointment as well. 

Peasantries + Pleasantries, Salt Lake City + @pleasantlyslc

What are you working on right now? 
I’m working on a better suited webstore to integrate with Instagram more fluidly. I’m hoping to have it launched in time for the In Sheep’s Clothing “Virtual” Record Fair May 8-10. I’ll be a vendor for that along with some personal favorites: Seance Centre, Light In The Attic, Mount Analog, and many many more.

I just launched a weekly feature on my Instagram called “Tuesday’s Tidings”. With this I’m plugging lesser known albums that deserve more attention. I’m trying to do a pleasant mixture of both affordable and rare albums.

The biggest project I’m working is the new peasantries + pleasantries label. I  just started the groundwork on the first label/shop release. It will be a re-issue of a self-released cassette from yesteryear. Imagine the waters of Eberhard Weber’s “Fluid Rustle” meeting with that of Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “keyboard fantasies”. That’s about as much as I can divulge at this time but I’m deeply excited about this new venture. 

How can we support your work right now?
Keep an eye on my instagram for the launch of my new and easy to use webstore ( Posts and stories on Instagram will have direct links to purchase items. Gift cards will be available on the webstore as well. If you are able to support the shop, a small follow-up favor would be to plug the shop. Word of mouth is much more meaningful than hash-tags. :)


The 45 Sessions + @the45sessions

What are you working on right now? 
Currently working on and organizing a launch of The 45 Sessions weekly live stream radio show. Should be launching in May!

How can we support your work right now?
Stay tuned to all @platurn activities, almost entirely vinyl related. Info and promotions being released through all channels. 

-Luke/Dj Platurn


Fault Radio + @its_fault_radio

What are you working on right now? 
Fault Radio is a pop-up online music station from the San Francisco area that showcase live-streams of local and international DJs. During the lockdown, we offer streaming services to DJs where artists can broadcast from home directly to our platforms. Each week, we host multiple streams under our Relief Sessions special that are broadcasted from the artists' private spaces. In addition, we release music compilations under the name Waking The Doldrums, that feature tracks by local artists and producers. All the proceeds from the album go directly back to the artists. We also host animated guided meditations and podcasts which include interviews with pioneer figures from the music world. You can check out our ongoing programs on our website

How can we support your work right now?
It has always been Fault Radio’s mission to support and nurture the talents of local artists and DJs, yet we’ve come upon hard times. You can make a contribution and donate to our cause so that we can continue in our mission. We're a non-profit project and member of Intersection for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) organization. All our programming is brought to you by unpaid volunteers and pays expenses entirely out of pocket. Your contribution will help us continue our mission of bringing the Bay Area’s music to the world.