New Product: Gold Record Dividers

Posted on May 18 2020

To launch our new collection of gold-engraved record dividers, I wanted to playfully explore music and emotion with a series of feelings-based record dividers to help you organize music by emotion.  Mental health and music are magically tied to one another in my experience- music helps me feel better, but can also transport me. 

Imagine coming home from a challenging day to a selection of pre-selected records to help relieve, feel and cope with strong emotions.

Emotions record dividers

Do you listen to an artist to feel joy, or do you reach for it when you already feel joy? Does one decade or artist elicit feelings of nostalgia or love more than another? What artist do you reach for when you just want to feel sad? 

If emotions aren't your preferred organizing method, these new products can be customized with any organizing method of your choice.

Feelings record dividers, Koeppel Design

Our newest Gold collection is an elegant upgrade for any record collector. Our new made-to-order line is laser engraved, with gold lettering in a fanciful and elegant serif typeface on European Birch wood. Finished with hand-applied gold fill. Available in sets of 2 or 4 panel sets, customize gold engraved genre, artist, experience or feeling record dividers. Custom text is limited to 16 characters, including spaces and special characters.

organizing vinyl by feelings

This product is designed for vertical and/or horizontal storage of 12-inch records. Our dividers offer great storage flexibility as your collection grows, because they can be used vertically in crates as well as horizontally on shelves or other storage units.

Customized products are made-to-order, and are not eligible for return or exchange.

2 Custom Gold Record Dividers, $76

4 Custom Gold Record Dividers, $152