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Production notes: Slowing down to grow

Posted on February 04 2021


You may have noticed that our processing times, and pre-order/custom order lead times are a little longer than usual. I spent the last few weeks/months really worried about this, and what it might mean for my customers, but I have learned that slower is better!
There are couple issues that have caused me to slow down our production process. Rather than rush orders, I want to ensure safety, quality and consistency above all else.
Some clients order once or twice, but many of you have been ordering for years. You come back when your collection has grown, when you're ready to add a few panels to your system, or you want to help someone else get organized. Many of my clients take their time with their collections, building slowly and thoughtfully.

I want to make sure that every order is perfect and matches (or exceeds) expectations every single time. Every product is handcrafted, and speed isn't actually the quality that keeps you coming back. We design quality products that are useful, well made and beautiful.
So here is the nitty gritty for those curious:
1. COVID safety precautions in the studio have caused us to spread out production and alternate work days. Most of our local suppliers are also operating on longer lead times, which in turn, impacts our timelines. Our slightly longer processing times give us the space to make sure every order is correct, and everyone is safe in the studio.
2. We're slowing down to grow better. Our order volume is higher this year, so we have to do more, more efficiently, even if it takes a little longer. Growing pains are tricky in a tiny studio with a very small team in a pandemic... not to mention I've got some big 🤰🏻 changes coming this spring!
Thank you to everyone who has emailed feedback in the last few weeks and reminded me that speed isn't everything, but quality is essential. I appreciate your patience, encouragement and commitment to supporting my business!
[This little production video was shot in 2019, before 😷 mask-wearing at all times was a thing!]


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