Record Pairing: Nina Simone, Here Comes the Sun + Watermelon Margarita

Posted on September 30 2020

The Feel-Good Pairings Project
is designed to help us share the ways we’re all coping and trying to feel good in these strange times. I'll be sharing contributions from friends, clients and people I admire. Each project includes a record and pairing from different contributors, plus an organization that they’re supporting in these troubling times. Helping others feels really good, and one of the best ways we can support our communities when we can’t be together physically! You can see all pairings projects here.

Submission #3 from Kelly Sparks
Pairing: Nina Simone, Here Comes the Sun + Watermelon Margarita


These days, I’m spinning mood-lifting records. My pick-me-up platter is Nina Simone’s 1971 covers album, “Here Comes the Sun,” featuring her stunning performance of that Beatles classic. The High Priestess of Soul belting out pure positivity while I’m sitting on my deck among the redwoods brings the happiness. That fine record pairs wonderfully with a fresh and simple watermelon margarita. The gorgeous liquid color makes me giddy and goes well with my new Adidas tracksuit in, yes, sunshine yellow. “It’s all right.”

“Here Comes the Sun” Watermelon Margarita
-½ mini seedless watermelon—cubed and frozen (approx. 4 cups)
-½ cup 100% agave tequila (I like Casamigos Blanco)
-¼ cup triple sec (Combier Liqueur d’Orange or Cointreau, preferably)
-2 limes—one halved and one cut in wedges
-Salt for the rim
-A festive glass that makes you smile

Pre-cut watermelon into cubes and freeze in ziplocks. (I keep frozen watermelon all summer long.) Combine the frozen watermelon with tequila, triple sec, and juice from one lime. Blend until smooth. Salt the rim of your favorite “happy” glass (or not), add a lime wedge to the rim, sip, and bask in the solar glow!

Kelly's recommended feel-good organization to support is Oakland Elizabeth House, a non-profit residential transitional program for women and children who have experienced homelessness, violence, or poverty.