Record Pairing: Oddisee's "The Odd Tape" + a cup of coffee

Posted on September 14 2020

I’ve found one daily routine that consistently helps me feel good in these weird ever-changing circumstances. It requires only 20 minutes - just enough time to listen to one side of a record. I reached out to friends and people I admire to ask for their feel-good pairings that have been helping them feel good at home during these strange times.

The Feel-Good Pairings Project launching today is designed to help us share the ways we’re all coping and trying to feel good in these strange times. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing what I have collected: a record and pairing from different contributors, plus an organization that they’re supporting in these troubling times. Helping others feels really good, and one of the best ways we can support our communities when we can’t be together physically!

I'd also love to hear from you, what is your go-to record and favorite pairing? 

Today's pairing comes from musican Julian of Torubeat in Portland, OR.

Julian's pairing: Oddisee's "The Odd Tape" (Mello Music Group, 2016) + a cup of coffee.

This record serves as my standard soundtrack for caffeine infused mornings (that's all of my mornings). And, as I look at the cover, I can't help but wonder: "Is this exactly how Oddisee imagined it?" Even more so as I read through the track names. Oddisee has the uncommon ability to create beats allowing space for imagining your favorite emcee and the appreciation of the instrumentals as they are. All at the same time. I aspire to strike that same balance in my own music. Make yourself a cup of your favorite coffee (I used to live around the corner from SightGlass in the Mission. So, when I did go out for coffee, that was often the spot!) and start Oddisee's "The Odd Tape" during your nearest available morning.

What organization are you supporting right now?
Casa of Oregon, which provides housing for farmworkers and other marginalized populations in primarily rural areas. You can support at:

You can check out Torubeat on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and Soundcloud