Record Store spotlight: Limited To One | NY

Posted on November 28 2017

New to the record store scene in New York, Limited to One is small in size, but big on impact. Specializing in rare, 90s, and collectable vinyl, Limited To One is operated by co-owners Kristian and Nicole. The duo have brought their love of music and good eye for design together to create a beautiful shop, outfitted with custom engraved record dividers. Kristian shared a peek into his home collection back in March, and we chatted again to learn a little more about the new shop. Limited to One currently offers in-store sales only and is open at 221 East 10th Street.

Tuesday - Thursday 10-7PM
Friday - Saturday 11-8PM
Sunday 11-7PM
You can also check out Limited To One on Instagram at @Limitedtoonenyc!

What does Limited To One specialize in? 

We specialize in rare, collectable and out of print contemporary music.  We love finding: hard to find punk, emo, 90's alt, 90's hip hop and indie rock most...

Any product/brand/label you're particularly excited about right now?
We did a nice collaboration with LIttle Elephant Lathes, where we created these "Limited to One" LPs with alternate covers that are limited to one copy only, ever.

What album/artist are you currently spinning in store?
We have a few new items that we are currently loving, starting with the new LCD Soundsystem, we got an original copy of the Hellacopters High Visibility that gets a lot of play.  Also we got an original Zoo Kid 45 (King Krule before he was King Krule...)

What is the best day to visit the shop? 
Any day is a good day to visit (except Mondays, we're closed on Mondays.).. We put out new product as we receive it and we're constantly restocking the shelves  (and walls).

What's a good lunch spot or place to grab a drink nearby?
Here are the top five places in our hood and what to eat.
1. vegan / veggie - Superiority Burger (the burger of course)
2. noodels - momofuku (the ramen and shitake buns)
3. pizza - motorino (sopressata pizza)
4. asian - xi'an famous noodles (any noodle dish and the cucumber salad)
5. coffee - abraco - (latte)  (best coffee in nyc, imo)