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Sunburst Art Blocks, available October 5th!

Posted on September 28 2020

Shine some light on your art collection! The Sunburst Art Block is a stylish and multi-purpose tabletop display for a wide range of art, zines, records and prints. Our hardwood display has a metallic gold sunburst to brighten any interior space.

The metallic gold sunburst is an architecturally-inspired design element to add a little extra sparkle and style to your home. Show off your art and keep your space refreshed and evolving with fresh and old favorite art pieces. 

This product is available in two matching sizes. The Sunburst Art Block is ideal for larger format prints, records and art, and The Sunburst Art Block Mini is the perfect desktop display for 45s, cards, small books or other media. 

The Art Block Mini by Koeppel Design
The Sunburst Art Block, by Koeppel Design



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