Supply chain, limited inventory... oh my!

Posted on October 07 2021

While it feels unreasonably early to even consider the holidays, ongoing supply chain issues are making this time of year a lot trickier for our small studio.

For the last year and and half we’ve been dealing with industry-wide production slowdowns and high demand for lumber, coupled with a wide range of transport delays at every stop along the way from the mill to ports and delivery trucks.

We anticipate selling out of many of our record divider products before Thanksgiving as our inventory is limited by these ongoing supply chain issues. If you're considering an order, sign up for our email newsletter for advance notice of our final product restocks for the year. If custom orders interest you, now is the time to place orders as our custom order deadline is much earlier this year.

Your patience and support is truly appreciated!

-Kate, Founder of Koeppel Design