Taking Action

Posted on July 06 2020


It is now July and masks, gloves and constant hand-washing are just part of our daily routine in the studio. In the last months, we’ve all been reeling as we learn to live in a pandemic, experience fear, loss and some small joys along the way. Many of us are also learning to sit with the pain and discomfort of seeing the ways in which systemic racism continues to operate at every level in our culture, politics and institutions. Running a business in a pandemic is a challenge, but it is now impossible to ignore or avoid the bigger issues that need to be examined.

My antiracism work has to come through education and listening, through conversation, action and consistent effort. I am taking action on ways I can build a better business by making sure my values are present in all of my projects, policies and plans for the future. My business vision is to create beautiful order everywhere, but my mission as a person is to learn, grow and live my values in everything that I do. I can’t say sit back and believe I am just a small business owner, or be afraid to publicly take action.

I am a white woman, I am a voter, and I must participate in the work that needs to happen, in-person, offline and in my business, with my wallet, with my privilege and with my vote. If this is challenging to you, I hope you’ll examine why. 

I have a few studio updates to share in the sections below. As always, if you have any questions about products, policies or orders, just reply to this email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Please, wear a mask!



Support USPS

We’re now offering expanded USPS rates at checkout. I want to support USPS and provide more choice in shipping for my customers because the USPS is a public service that not only delivers our daily mail, but connects urban and rural communities alike to vital information and services. From paychecks and community voting access and information, to medical supplies, simple financial services, USPS needs our support. If you’re interested in another very very easy way to support USPS right now, buy some beautiful stamps! I just pre-ordered a bunch of these Hip Hop stamps for the studio. 

You can check out all of our expanded shipping options by adding any item to your cart, then enter your address at checkout to see all shipping rates available in your area. 


Boycott Uline

Koeppel Design placed our last packing supply order from Uline on May 26, 2020. While all of our custom boxes and branded packaging are manufactured by wonderful, small suppliers, Koeppel Design uses a variety of packing materials from Uline. I do not agree with their support of hateful, discriminatory and unjust politics, and I will no longer use Uline. Uline offers low prices and convenience, and I was wrong to prioritize recyclability and material costs over social justice. I do not live my values by supporting Uline with my resources, and I am committed to doing better. 

Uline owners and operators have donated over 31 million dollars this year alone to conservative hard-right candidates who oppose BLM, abortion rights, environmental protections, LGBTQ rights, gun control, immigration, healthcare for all, legalization of cannabis, labor unions and regulatory oversight. If that isn’t enough to turn you away, Uline owners Liz and Dick Uihlein have donated over 1.5 million dollars to Trump in this election cycle alone.

I have ended Koeppel Design’s relationship with Uline. We will finish our remaining supply of Uline materials and reinvest with socially and environmentally responsible packing supply businesses that do not promote hate.

Does your company or business order from Uline? Consider joining the boycott! There are many excellent small businesses that can fulfill the same services and supplies, without funding hateful politics. 

More resources and education available here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB0wcNvBr9g/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

A great alternative resource list is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Opy45QuBE5avmltwUyBi4on6Zjiy6eHS9sv1P8UJ8Zw/edit?fbclid=IwAR0XrKzr2jwnJiYO9RoVH6i3e0X15bMSkFFT-s-7_bWdB7Ut3jieWIh7LCM 


Summer Sample Sale

August 6th is the start of our final sale of the year, the annual Summer Samples, Seconds and Experiments sale. Every year we have a summer sale with 15-60% off items. This year will include an expanded section of experimental products, including fun styles and sizes and product prototypes that we’ve been playing with over the last few weeks. These items are very limited, but I am so excited to share these new options with you all! As always, the sale will include second-quality items with extremely tiny imperfections.

Through the month of August we’ll be donating 8% of every sale to The Loveland Foundation, a nonprofit that brings healing and opportunities through supportive mental health services for Black women and girls with therapy funds. This fund collaborates with other organizations to provide services to communities that need it most. The Loveland Foundation was founded by activist and writer Rachel Cargle.