Now Spinning vinyl display, The LP Block

Posted on July 25 2017

Our newest product, The LP Block is finally out in the world and shipping daily from our studio here in San Francisco. If you'd like to see a few shots in the wild, you can explore  #theLPblock on Instagram. Our original goal was to design a minimal vinyl stand with a bit of height, to display album art while eliminating the issue of a messy pile of LP jackets propped on the floor or around the turntable.

Our tabletop display is constructed from a solid hardwood block and is finished with a thick protective black felt base. The LP Block is substantial, so you never need to worry about vinyl sliding out of place. We kept the overall design clean and minimal to let album artwork sing. 

The LP Block is available with two different Now Spinning panel styles- in engraved or stencil. We designed the block to accommodate all of our record divider sizes and styles, so the Now Spinning panel can be swapped out for any of our genre or alphabetical record dividers depending on what you're listening to or in the mood for.