The Record Tote: our most versatile product

Posted on November 05 2018

A few weeks ago, we added a new color to our record tote collection. The Record Tote is available in three colors: kelp green and electric blue and now, classic black. We originally wanted to design a bag that would be stronger than any other vinyl-carrying bag on the market, but one that didn't look like a cratedigging bag. We wanted a bag that was modern and minimal with no unnecessary branding, plastic zippers or cheap construction. Our latest release continues our tradition of making minimal, durable products.

Over the last year, I've been testing our totes. I’ve been carrying a record tote as my daily run-around bag, filled with my wallet, book and water bottle for running errands, or my camera for weekend trips. All in the name of research, I've also been out cratedigging and hauling records all over the city. My partner has been doing his part as well, perhaps a bit too well, as our record collection has grown quite a bit this year. I'll even fill my tote with a bottle of wine and a few records if we're heading to a dinner party in the neighborhood. All this field research got me thinking, what else can this record tote do?

We’ve learned firsthand, as well as from feedback from customers, this versatile tote can handle a lot. From a large stack of new records, to a yoga bag to airplane carry-on, our tote can also 4 bottles of wine- the wood base keeps the bottles safe and supported.

Our totes are made with Japanese selvedge denim that softens with time and use- and the seams are reinforced, making it ideal for a lot of different types of heavy use. The bag is strong and easy to carry, and it holds up well to being stuffed with magazines for air travel, and it is a great errand bag for grocery runs- plus it folds flat when not in use.

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