The Record Travel Tote

Posted on June 20 2024

Travel Record Tote

I needed a strong, good-looking tote bag for day trips, cratedigging and adventures. Every other record bag was some combination of: poor construction, overt branding or flimsy materials. The Record Travel Tote is the bag of my dreams come to life- designed to last, no matter what you use it for. I am confident this is the last record tote you'll ever need or buy.

This tote folds nearly flat for travel, which means it is the perfect bag for for day trips and vacation. With a secure zippered opening and an outer pocket for your wallet and phone- it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Vinyl record travel tote bag
Designed to hold 15+ albums, this structured Cone Denim tote bag has a wood base to distribute weight evenly, wide cotton shoulder straps for comfort, plus reinforced interior seams that will never unravel.