We STILL Don't Ship Hate | Boycott Uline

Posted on July 13 2022


We're back with a second run of The "We Don't Ship Hate/ Boycott Uline" poster project! Since 2020, we've committed to sharing a hate-free alternatives for small businesses to help take care of each other, and say no to hateful, dangerous, and downright scary ultra right wing politicians. The Uihleins have funneled over 100 million dollars into the most extreme right-wing politicians and movements in the United States. We do not support Uline and here's a quick rundown on the many reasons why.

The "We Don't Ship Hate" poster project is a collaborative project between San Francisco based Koeppel Design & The Aesthetic Union and Seattle artist Taylor Colledge.

We're distributing our second run of these 5x7 posters to help get the word out and make the Uline Boycott more visible- particularly in the small business community. If you'd like a poster, just place an order with us or The Aesthetic Union, and we'll include a free poster while supplies last!

If you'd like to check out our alternatives to Uline to share them with your company or business, please do! All the resources are available here

This folder includes many Uline alternatives + a free downloadable cute-as-hell Fragile sticker to help you end your relationship with Uline! 

If you want to help the Refuse Uline movement, reach out to your favorite businesses and ask them to end their Uline relationships. All it takes is a quick and friendly email, DM, or chat in person to let others know that Uline funds ultra rightwing hate campaigns.